While most people know that powering your home with solar is better for the environment than using the grid, many don’t know that solar is a powerful economic benefit, too, for the following reasons:

  1. New England’s solar resource is abundant. Each year, we receive the same amount of usable solar energy as Houston, Texas, and within 10% of the solar resource of Miami, Florida. Our bright, chilly spring and fall and long summers help make up for the dark days of winter.
    Chart illustrating relative amounts of solar insolation throughout Texas, Maine, and Germany. New England solar insolation is similar to areas of Texas, and far greater than that of Germany.
  2. Solar panels have declined in price by 75% since 2004. This decreased cost means that the overall cost of electricity from solar is far cheaper than from the grid over the course of your home’s life.
    declining cost of solar panels

    Declining cost of Solar Panels over time. Courtesy of SEIA.

  3. Solar electricity can be used to heat and cool your home. While it’s great to save money on your electric bill, solar really becomes a valuable investment when used to power heating and cooling equipment, such as modern cold climate heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. By building a tight, well-insulated home, you reduce the need to build an expensive monstrosity of a heating system, freeing up funds to pay for the heat pump and solar combo (more on that shortly).
  4. Solar panels are incredibly reliable. Solar panels come warrantied for 25 years and are expected to have a service life of 40+ years. Solar panels from the 1970s have tested as still producing most of their original power output, and today’s panels are engineered to a far higher standard. With no moving parts, a solar panel system is one of the most reliable, long-lived mechanical systems you can invest in.

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