April 14

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Federated Church of Marlborough’s Community House
160 Main Street
Marlborough, NH

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Solar panels on a sunny day against clear blue skyNew Hampshire’s newest solar-powered church is hosting a public ribbon cutting on April 14 to showcase a new rooftop array. The 70-panel system at the Federated Church of Marlborough’s Community House will offset 100% of the church’s electric load. The church owns the community house where the array is being installed, though the solar power produced by the array will benefit the church itself.

The 21.35-kilowatt project will generate nearly 25,000-kilowatt hours of clean energy each year and offset roughly 13 tons of carbon pollution. Using solar power to generate electricity for the church is equivalent to offsetting the carbon sequestered by 14 acres of forests.

ReVision Solar Impact Partners own the array through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the church. Under the terms of the PPA, the church agrees to purchase electricity at a negotiated rate. After five years, the church will have the option to purchase the system at a significant discount, enabling the church to generate free solar power for decades to come.

The array is expected to save the church approximately $136,000 over the life of the system if the church exercises the future purchase option. The PPA enables the church to leverage the economic and environmental benefits of solar power while giving impact partners an opportunity to make community investments that align with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

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