February 24

9:00 AM

ReVision Energy
142 Presumpscot St
Portland, ME

Image of a Pika Battery and InverterAs storms intensify and threaten the reliability of the utility grid, Mainers are turning to back up power systems to keep their critical household systems operational during grid power outages. Modern, made-in-Maine battery technology combined with solar electricity is already being used by households in northern New England to maintain uninterrupted power during storms for lighting, refrigeration, heating and water pumping (the number of appliances that can be powered by battery storage depends on size of the battery system, ability to charge batteries with solar during daylight hours and number of days the grid is down).

ReVision Energy, in partnership with local battery system manufacturer Pika Energy, is hosting a presentation on solar + battery storage at ReVision Energy’s Portland showroom. Please join to learn how you can use solar combined with batteries to increase your energy independence and resilience.

For more information, contact us at 207.221.6342 or email Jen at [email protected]