March 4


NESEA Sustainable Energy Association Come network with and learn from thousands of professionals from a variety of disciplines at NESEA’s BuildingEnergy Conference & Tradeshow.  The BuildingEnergy conference is a place to shape a vision of a sustainable built environment and to do the whole system thinking it will take to get there. The conference presents 10-12 areas of focus on renewables and high-performance building that are broken down into full/half day workshops or 90-minute sessions.

ReVision Energy’s Fortunat Mueller will be leading both a morning and afternoon workshop on Tuesday, March 4th. The morning workshop (from 10 AM – 1 PM) is regarding ‘Solar System Sizing and Design for Architects, Engineers and Developers’ and is intended for design professionals with a basic understanding of solar energy systems but are interested in learning more to better serve their clients. He will cover system sizing, siting and basic design considerations as well as system financing. The afternoon workshop (2-5 PM), ‘PV and Heat Pumps: Net Zero Heating Solutions’  will cover how the affordability of solar and efficiency of heat pumps can work hand-in-hand toward net zero building performance.  Participants will learn how heat pump technology works, how to perform a basic load analysis, how to estimate annual electric consumption from the heat pump performance specs, and how to estimate a solar system size in order to achieve zero carbon heat. This event also features workshops led by many other sustainability professionals, to register click here: