February 23


Here Comes the Sun DocumentaryOccupy Bath Brunswick, 350 Maine, and the Midcoast Green Collaborative will present the video Here Comes The Sun.  This documentary about the European embrace of solar energy is eye-opening. Germany and Spain, especially, are well on their way to totally replacing fossil fuels. The policy used to achieve this remarkable transformation is Feed-in-Tariff.
After the movie, people leading the effort to pass a Feed in Tariff law in Maine will be on hand to discuss the current effort and to explain how this policy works. If you are interested in renewable energy and want to learn how Maine and the nation can finally join the clean energy revolution that is spreading rapidly around the world, please attend.
The event will be held from 2:30pm – 4:30pm, Saturday, February 23rd  at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, at 23 Pleasant Street.