February 6

11:15 AM

Beverly Cummings Center
Sustainability Forum Conference Room
100 Cummings Center
Beverly, MA

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Overview of presentation, How Electrification Enables a Lower Carbon World:
In the midst of increasing storms, natural disasters, and potential threats to our grid, sourcing power from a local, clean electric source is becoming crucial for people to remain safe during prolonged power outages. Sourcing electricity locally is important now more than ever, and it’s becoming more achievable through the advancing technologies of solar energy, battery backup, electric heat source heat pumps, and driving electric. ReVision Energy will be a guest presenter of North Shore Tech Councils for their March Sustainability Lunch to talk about a whole house solar approach to protecting one’s self from these threats. Please join us to learn more about the technology you can install today, just make sure to RSVP at this link!
Networking starts at 11:15 and the presentation begins at Noon.