September 22

11 AM - 1 PM

129 Harriman Hill Road
Raymond, NH

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Breathe in the wonders of nature with The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC (WPI), located at “Sanctuary”. ReVision Energy, the Solar Pioneers of New England, and WPI are leading the way into the future – caring for our Global Home.
Now solar powered – both Solar Hot Water AND Solar Electricity – The Institute is successfully tending to our planet by working with ReVision. Come and experience a Solar Tour, a “Sanctuary” Land Tour, a Q&A with us, and meet other resourceful community members, who care about our world in tangible ways. We’re all in this together. Help yourself and help the planet!
Learn about:
·  Solar Power for home and business
·  Solar Powered cars (take one for a test drive)
·  Renewing your personal energy through meditative walks and nature’s embrace
The (W)hole Point Institute is located on 65 acres called “Sanctuary”. This land is dedicated to renewal, awakening, transformation, and healing of people and the global community.
Enjoy this land via two tours, while learning about how solar technology costs have dropped by more than 75% over the past 10 years, making solar energy an affordable investment opportunity. ReVision has empowered the Chadwick’s home, and both of their home businesses to become Solar stars; The Chadwick’s electric bill went from approximately $200/month to $12!