July 22


Bill Dube Hyundai Dealership
271 Main Street, Wilmington, MA 01887

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Getting sick of filling your car up with dirty fossil fuels every week?

Come test drive cars that will allow you to make the switch to driving electric with the power of the sun and skip the gas station.

ReVision Energy is pairing up with Bill Dube Hyundai to educate attendees about how pairing electric vehicle with solar enables carbon free driving and eliminates wasted time at the pump. Come get first hand experience with the second generation of plug in vehicles in a low pressure opportunity. This includes the groundbreaking all battery electric Kona, the first serious SUV entrant into New England’s car market. 

Bill Dube Hyundai is offering free test drives of their new fully electric cars, the Kona and the Ioniq. ReVision Energy will be offering an educational presentation about the charging infrastructure that goes along with these cars. 

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Bill Dube Hyundai is proud to support this educational event with free pizza for all RSVP attendees!

2019 Hyundai Kona

Inside the all battery, SUV Kona

Plug in with the 2017 Ioniq











Fun Fact: Transportation is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases in the US. Did you know, with as little as 9 solar panels, you can produce enough electricity to power 12,000 miles of electric driving each year at a low, fixed cost?  Homeowners everyday are switching to solar to power their electric driving needs! And switching your transportation from gas to electricity is now cheaper to fill, cheaper to maintain, and cleaner to drive!