July 26


ReVision Energy
142 Presumpscot St
Portland, ME

The advent of a new generation of electric cars and dramatic drop in cost of solar electric panels allows for a previously unimaginable transportation solution: electric cars powered by solar electricity. On Thursday, July 26, from 5-8pm, you can have the opportunity to be part of that future with the unveiling of ReVision Energy’s solar-powered Level II Electric Vehicle Charger and showcase of the electric vehicles that can plug into it.

solar powered volt portland maine

The Time for Change is Now

Light duty vehicles make up 40 percent of all oil consumption in the U.S. As a nation we spend around $700 billion a year to import oil, while simultaneously releasing nearly 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. With scientists warning of a coming environmental calamity and even the CEO of ExxonMobil acknowledging that fossil fuels are warming the planet, the impetus for change is dramatic.

The future is here in the form of a new generation of electric vehicles that combine an all-electric driving experience with all the amenities of modern cars. Joining ReVision Energy’s site evaluation fleet in early 2012 was the Chevy Volt, highlighted by the EPA in 2010 as the leading electric vehicle on the market.

The Volt relies on its electric motor, powered by its battery, to travel up to 40 miles without using a drop of gas. For the nearly 80% of Americans who drive less than 40 miles a day, that would mean they could effectively eliminate gasoline from their lives.

Of course, electricity is only as “green” as the source of that electricity. With electric generation putting over 2.1 billion tons of CO2 into the environment each year, the truly clean driving solution is an electric vehicle powered by renewable energy – such as solar.

Learn about emissions-free driving and how to become the owner of your own household solar power plant on Thursday, July 26th from 5:30-8pm at our Portland showroom, 142 Presumpscot St, Portland, ME (Map and Directions). We’ll be showcasing our electric vehicle charging stations, offering electric vehicle driving demonstrations provided by both Pape Chevorlet and Lee Toyota, and offering food, drink and networking. All are welcome to this free event ushering in a new driving paradigm!