May 10


What’s going on with the weather in Maine and Hancock County?

Extreme weather events, heat waves, mild winters, dryer summers – the question is no longer if, or when climate change will affect Maine, but how – and how much?  What will all this do to our ability to grow food for ourselves and our community?  Clean energy can help reduce impacts but is it likely to make a difference for us in time?

Maine State Climatologist, Dr. George Jacobson will discuss the current state of the climate both on Maine and globally. Pam Person will talk about her work with Oxfam America on the results of climate events on food and water worldwide. Bob St Peter, executive director of Food For Maine’s Future will discuss the changes in food production in citizen gardens and for farmers in Maine. Hans Albee from Revision Energy will discuss different energy sources that can reduce carbon footprints and save money.

Come & join us for this important discussion – It’s our future!

This program is sponsored by Hancock County Transition Towns – exploring ways our community can thrive in uncertain times. This event is open to the public and it is free. COME & FIND OUT: Thursday MAY 10th, 7:00. Ellsworth City Hall