The MDI solar farm is named after Long Pond, its glacially-born, freshwater neighbor.

Our Maine-built Solar Farm generates savings and local solar energy

Community Solar Farms make it possible for every Mainer to save money and reduce carbon pollution, without having to put solar panels on their property. ReVision Energy’s newest solar farm, Long Pond Community Solar Farm (CSF), is located on Mount Desert Island.

The Long Pond CSF is unique in that it sits on an old landfill, granting new value to an otherwise unusable site. Versant customers could join the solar farm and secure low cost, locally generated solar energy for years to come!

Long Pond Community Solar Farm Overview

Where is it?

  • Long Pond solar farm is located in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island. It is built on unserviceable land owned by Eastern Maine Recycling.

How big is it?

  • This CSF is one of our biggest farms to date, and serves roughly 100 member-owners.
  • The 840 kW farm is comprised of over 2,200 solar panels.
  • It will produce 999,600 kWh of clean electricity each year for local Maine communities. That is equivalent to roughly 1,052,579 pounds of carbon pollution kept out of our atmosphere.

Who could join?

  • Long Pond solar farm was open to Versant Utility customers located in the Bangor Hydro District, which includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties, and most of Penobscot County.
  • This was being built as an ownership model – homeowners and businesses who joined the farm are able to take advantage of the full value of the share, including a 26% federal tax credit. Low-interest financing is available.

A New Use for Unusable Land 

Long Pond solar farm is built on an old landfill, giving this otherwise unusable, empty site a new productive life. We are leasing this land from Eastern Maine Recycling, an apt partner for this project as this solar farm is an opportunity to “recycle” the site.

The Long Pond CSF will be one of the largest community solar farm built by ReVision so far.

We partnered with MDI-based A Climate To Thrive (ACTT) to organize the development of this solar farm. ACTT seeks to propel Mount Desert Island into the future and preserve its ancient beauty by ridding the island of fossil-fuel power by 2030.

Support Maine’s Zero Carbon Goals and our Communities

A local company, ReVision has been leading the community solar movement in Maine, with a focus on benefiting Mainers. All solar farms developed and maintained by ReVision keep the benefits of solar power local and invested in our communities.

We have been building solar farms in Maine for over ten years— including the very first community-owned solar farm project in Maine! — and are comprised of a community of employee owners who live and work in Maine. By joining a community solar farm through ReVision Energy, you’re ensuring that your energy savings push forward the local clean energy movement, and supporting local jobs in the process.

How does Community Solar Work?


Solar farms, like this one in Skowhegan, generate lower cost energy for communities all over Maine.

Community solar farms expand access to clean solar energy by eliminating the need to own your home and have a home with a good solar roof. ReVision Energy develops large-scale solar farms at ideal solar locations, working with the landowner or local organizations to responsibly site the solar project. Mainers become CSF members by joining the solar farm in their utility territory.

Power generated from the solar farm feeds into the grid, which is then distributed to the members of the CSF. The Long Pond CSF is an ownership model, which means members are owners of the farm, having purchased their share of panels just like they were built on their roof).

Does Community Solar Sound Right for You?

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