milan-nh-solar-oreskes.jpgWhy Solar for Your Home?

Solar electric systems have no moving parts, and come with a 25 year warranty (expected lifespan of 40-50 years), which means you can lock in your electricity rate for decades.Solar energy is a reliable, renewable resource. Simply stated – anytime that the sun shines, you generate clean, renewable electricity. Solar is one of the few investments you can make today that will not only pay for itself, but also result in a cleaner environment for all of us.

How Solar Electricity Works (It’s Easy!)

schematic of how solar electric pv system works

Why ReVision Energy?

Founded in 2003, ReVision Energy has installed over 7,000 solar energy systems in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We are a 100% Employee-Owned full service company with in-house engineers, highly-qualified and experienced solar installers, and a dedicated support team with 24/7 emergency service.

Our company is a Certified B-Corp, meaning we have made a commitment to be the best business FOR the planet not just the best business ON the planet. We donate thousands of dollars worth of volunteer time and equipment annually to local area nonprofits.

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Yes, Tell Me More About Solar:

It would be our pleasure to set up a free, no obligation site visit to your home or business in New Hampshire to evaluate solar options. Send us your info and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and help assess whether solar is the right fit for you