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What Our Customers Say

In less than a year we’ve prevented over 84,201 pounds of carbon from going into the atmosphere, significantly reduced our reliance on non-renewable energy, and have had many hours of scintillating entertainment watching the net meter run backwards (Ok, things are kind of slow here in Milan)!

Many people ask “when will your system pay for itself?” To which we reply, it started paying us back the day we turned it on because we know we’re doing our part to keep the earth alive. Even though our government seems unwilling to reduce our carbon footprint, there’s much that we as individuals can do.

Brad & Rebecca in Milan, New Hampshire

Recent Solar Projects

ReVision is a local solar installer (all work installed by employees and all employees based in Maine or New Hampshire) with over 4,500 different projects installed in Northern New England.


Dover, New Hampshire – Mark Boren

Mark Boren in Dover is an incredible solar customer. His home sports solar photovoltaic (electricity), solar hot water, and an electric heat pump powered by the solar PV. To cap it off, he added a Nissan LEAF with a solar car charger to make it the ‘quad-fecta’ – electricity, heat, hot water, and driving miles all powered… Read more