Elite Diamond Contractor from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Elite Diamond ContractorWe’ve earned the Elite Diamond Contractor rating from Mitsubish Electric, the highest designation available for a contractor.

We started installing heat pumps in 2011, when advances in solar energy and heating technology made it clear that banking solar electric generation in the summertime and using stored solar energy via heat pumps in the winter was the best approach to solar-powered heating. Since then, we’ve installed over 600 heat pumps in Maine, 200 in New Hampshire, and a dozen in Massachusetts (where we’ve been operating since mid-2017).

Customers Get Results

Customers like Jim Gallea of South Portland, Maine attest to how their heat pumps save them hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills, and keep them warm even during the coldest of nights. “We are loving the system you guys put in for us,” Jim writes, “Our oil use is down from 1,200 gallons to just 80, and we spend far less on electricity than we did on oil, even with the low price of oil right now. It’s great to not be burning oil! Plus we get cheap AC in the summer!”

The ReVision Energy Difference

ReVision Energy has been involved in solar-powered heating since the early 2000s, since cold climate heat pumps became viable (around 2011) we have installed close to 1,000 units.

Heat Pumps Offer:

  • Performance – Heat pumps move, rather than generate, heat. They can make heat in temperatures below -15°F! And they can also operate in reverse, providing cooling at a rate 2-3x more efficient than a window unit air conditioner. The result is a system that costs the equivalent of $1/gal for oil.
  • Convenience – Heat pumps have wireless remotes and can set desired comfort temperatures, the heat pump will then do the rest. With a modest upgrade you can control your heat pump with a smartphone!
  • Reliability – ReVision Energy, as a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor, is able to offer a 12 year parts and compressor warranty on single-family, residential installation, and a 5 year parts and 7 year compressor warranty on multi-family and commercial installations.