Residential Incentives Available:

Air Source Heat Pump
$500 incentive (in addition to Efficiency Maine standard rebate)
Heat and cool your home with electricity! High-efficiency heat pumps provide heat at the equivalent of $1.50/gallon for oil. ReVision Energy is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, the highest award given by the manufacturer.

Heat Pump Water Heater
$500 incentive (in addition to Efficiency Maine standard rebate)
Heat pump water heaters produce hot water 200-600% more efficiently than resistive electric tanks! Save hundreds of gallons of oil by switching to a heat pump water heater.

Electric Vehicle Charger
$750 incentive
Drive for the equivalent of $1.11 gallon/gas with an electric vehicle.

Energy Storage
$3,000 incentive
Get home backup power without the noise and hassle of a generator with a battery backup pack. Maine-made Pika Energy systems are the energy storage systems we will be using for this pilot project.

How the Pilot Program Works:
You will receive 50% of the incentive upon installation and 50% upon completing 1-year of allowing your device to be part of the Virtual Peaker program. This means that your device may be switched off, or on, during the course of the program (you will be informed when this happens and have the ability to opt-out during specific events).


How Virtual Peaker Works:


1. There is a sudden spike on the electric grid. This power needs to come from somewhere.

2. Traditionally, this power needs to come in from a big power plant, often very far away from the location of the electric load, meaning a lot of power is lost along the way and lots of power lines are needed.

3. With a “Virtual Peaker” plant, software controllers can instead throttle unused devices or activate home battery storage to meet the need, rather than needing to tap into a peak power plant.