Have you dreamed of the freedom of having a solar-powered home? Sick of paying for high oil and gas bills? Want to save money while making a positive impact on the environment? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At ReVision Energy, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners achieve their dream of living in a solar-powered home, whether we work directly with the homeowner or with their builder or architect.

This guide is designed for those in the process of building a new home, though many of the concepts apply to existing homes as well.

The advantage of building a new home, is that you can do it right from the beginning! Whereas in an existing home you have to do your best with choices made by previous homeowners, in a new home, you can make design choices that will save you money while enabling your home to be cleaner and greener.

Read on to learn how to achieve your solar dream!!

Solar Makes Sense in New England

Solar PV offers a simple and profound answer to energy needs: Convert sunlight into electricity and set yourself free from utility bills.


solar flat plate collectors

Solar Water Heating

Harness the sun’s warmth for your household hot water. Here is the cost-effective solution to replacing your expensive, oil-fired boiler.


solar plus heat pump

Solar Powered Heat Pumps

Sophisticated heat pump equipment offers the best of heating and cooling, with the added ability to run on sunshine.


Electric Vehicle Charging

We install the charging equipment that gets electric vehicles on the road. Charging electric vehicles with sunshine is an outstanding way to strengthen your investment, and lighten your footprint.


Powerwall 2 install in Freeport, Maine

Battery Backup

Battery technology is leaping ahead with lowered costs and increased efficiency. We install the latest and greatest options on the market – some of them are made in Maine!


solar over coastal water

Rebates & Incentives

Up-to-date information on the programs that make solar even more affordable.


Solar Loans

The cost of solar has dropped around 75% over the past 10 years. If you need additional help to switch to clean electricity, we have some great options.


New Construction

Get in on the ground floor and save even more by identifying how solar will fit best on your new home.


Solar tracker in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Solar Trackers

Maximize your solar power generation with tracker equipment that follows the sun.


3 level farm community solar farm

Community Solar Farms

Solar farms are a powerful co-ownership model for residents of multifamily units, homeowners with minimal sun exposure, and landowners with unused space.