We promise:
  • To provide excellent customer service at every stage before, during and after your solar investment: this includes an in-depth solar evaluation, professional system design, project development (filing utility interconnection, state rebate paperwork, local permitting, and any required engineering work), expert system installation, and lifetime legendary service after the installation.
  • To provide accurate and honest information about expected system performance. Many factors affect the performance of a solar energy system, which in turn impacts return on investment. To ensure the most accurate forecast of annual system output, our performance modeling takes into account local weather data, specific site attributes like array angle and azimuth, and prospective losses from snow cover using 30+ years of local NOAA weather data. We then overlay the real-world performance results from our own proprietary data set gathered from 5,000+ systems placed in service during the past 10 years to provide the most accurate system performance estimates in the industry.
  • To deliver the highest possible economic and environmental return on your solar investment. This means you will receive a system designed to maximize performance and longevity in our relatively harsh northern climate, the highest quality equipment, professional installation by our licensed, certified technicians and the highest level of customer service possible–all at a competitive price.
  • To provide service and support for the lifetime of the system. Solar energy equipment is long-lived and backed with long warranty spans. However, not all warranties are equal. What good is a 25 year warranty if the manufacturer goes out of business? ReVision Energy is a mature company with deep roots in New England. Should you ever have a problem with your system, you have us as a single point of contact for all service work and will never be forced to deal directly with a vendor on a warranty claim.