ReVision Energy is a Certified Tesla Powerwall installer, a process that means we’ve met Tesla’s strict quality standards in regards to installation quality and customer service. Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers are a crucial part to make Tesla Powerwall equipment available across the United States and worldwide.

To date we have installed over 200 Powerwalls across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. With the grid’s reliability being tested by hotter summers and more frequent severe storm events, more homeowners than ever are interested in the idea of providing backup power to their solar-home with a lithium-ion battery backup system. For businesses, Tesla Powerwall provides an opportunity to reduce expensive demand charges and get more productivity from their grid-tied solar array.

What’s involved in making your solar home backed up with battery power?

The Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Energy gateway are the equipment specified by Tesla, and are essential to every Powerwall installation. However, there’s very often another significant portion of the project, which is performing wiring upgrades to your home such that a focused ‘Protected Loads’ panel can be backed up with your Tesla Powerwall.

In a protected load scenario, we design the system to back up a set of critical loads (well pump, freezer and/or fridge, perhaps a boiler or pellet stove, one or two lighting circuits) vs. trying to run your entire home.

Even if you decide to opt for a whole-house solar+storage backup (which usually means multiple Powerwall units are required) there still is significant complexity to integrating a storage device into any existing electrical system. 

This additional electrical work usually involves ~$1,500-$2,500 of additional parts and ~$1,500-$2,500 in additional electrical labor, expenses which are unique to each battery storage system design.

Other Aspects that Go Into a Tesla Installation

When choosing someone to install Tesla Powerwall for you, consider the full range of services they offer and their track record for customer service support.

With ReVision Energy, you get:

  • All electrical labor is performed by in-house, employee-owners at ReVision Energy. This means we have a commitment to customer service and quality that is matched by none, because every person who works on your project is literally an owner of the business.
  • A robust backoffice team that works on a variety of things for you — getting and paying for a permit in your town, and all the logistics involved getting equipment from Tesla HQ, to our warehouse, to your home, and installed in a way that is safe and legal, including a final electrical inspection if required in your area.
  • 24/7/365 customer service for all aspects of installation.

We think the Tesla Powerwall is an incredible piece of equipment, and adding battery storage to a solar electric array is a perfect way to get the most out of your solar investment and give you peace of mind during power outages.

While the Tesla website can’t present a complete picture of every bit of effort involved in getting the battery system up and running, we still think the value of this system is incredible, especially if you are seriously considering a home standby generator instead.

Set up a free evaluation below and learn whether a Tesla Powerwall is right for you:

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