Proctor Academy - Andover, NH

71kw grid tied solar electric array with American-made Suniva solar panels installed on Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire… The epicenter of “Solarize Kearsarge”

ReVision Energy has been selected as the contractor to lead the Solarize Kearsarge program, a 15-week project with the goal of doubling the number of solar electric installations in the three-town community of Andover, New London and Wilmot, NH.

The “Solarize” programs team local community volunteers with a competitively-selected professional solar contractor to lead a 15-week charge of driving sign-ups for new solar installations. By achieving a ‘critical mass’ of installations in a particular region, the homeowners in that area can enjoy a lower cost of installation due to efficiencies on the contractor’s end. The contractor benefits from a surge of work in a local community. Solarize Kearsarge is organized by the Andover and New London volunteer energy committees, with support from Vital Communities, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization.

ReVision has had a special affection for the upper valley of NH since a series of highly successful events that followed up our installation at Proctor Academy. With great support of the local energy committee, we were very happy to put together our application for Solarize, and especially thrilled to win status as “Preferred Contractor!”

Solarize This!

If you live in the towns of Andover, New London or Wilmot, be sure to come out to the Solarize Kearsarge launch event on Saturday, October 18, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Ivey Science Center at Colby-Sawyer College in New London. The event will feature an illustrated presentation on how photovoltaic systems work; their economic and environmental advantages over non-renewable energy sources; the variety of rebates, incentives and discounts available; various financing opportunities; and the reasons to act during the 15 weeks of the Solarize project.

To enjoy the discounts available during Solarize, all systems must be contracted out by January 31, 2015. In the weeks until then, ReVision Energy and the Solarize team will be conducting numerous events, free solar site evaluations, and providing information on the special tiered pricing available for Solarize participants (the more projects booked, the bigger the discount!).

Details on Solarize Kearsarge Launch Event.

Solarize MY Community

If you’re wondering – how can MY community get involved in a Solarize-type program, contact ReVision Energy, we would love to talk with you more. Generally, the Solarize programs need to have an active, enthusiastic local energy committee and some amount of support from either a state agency or nonprofit to be successful. However, ReVision Energy is very interested in partnering directly with energy committees, or even informal groups of citizens, who are interested in putting in the work to make substantial gains in solar adoption in their communities.

As few as 5 solar installations in a particular community can drive a ‘volume discount’ so please contact us if you’re serious.