Kedel Pellet BoilerDid you know that Maine is 90% forested, despite 100 years of major wood harvesting for our pulp & paper industry? As the need for pulp and paper dwindle in the digital age, we see a great opportunity to use Maine’s abundant, renewable forest resources as a local heating fuel to eliminate imported oil. Maine’s sustainable forestry management practices have ensured the viability of the resource for present and future generations, thus we are excited to introduce the Kedel.

The Kedel is an affordable, reliable and efficient pellet boiler that requires minimal human intervention to operate. Why is this a big deal? Think about what pellets offer:

  • Bulk delivered pellets cost about half of what oil, propane or electricity cost per BTU.
  • Pellets are locally produced from a renewable resource.
  • Automated bulk delivery of pellets is available in all of Maine.

While the promise of pellets is exciting, until now homeowners had to choose between a $10,000 boiler that would only supplement their oil boiler and require daily interaction, or a $20,000 boiler that required monthly interaction. Kedel, in contrast, is available fully installed for between $8,250 and $15,000 and requires simple and easy interaction on a weekly to monthly basis depending on automation options chosen.

Another way to think about this: if you need to replace your boiler anyways, you can now do so with a pellet boiler that costs only between $2,000 and $6,000 more than a new oil or a propane boiler, but will save the average household $1,500 a year at today’s oil prices. That is a payback of between 1 and 4 years!

A few of Kedel’s exciting features:

  • Combustion efficiency is a solid 89%, higher than all oil boilers and pellet boilers on the market today, approaching the efficiency of a high efficiency propane boiler
  • Kedel’s self-cleaning heat exchanger means that the boiler keeps its high efficiency with only 2 quick, 10 minute cleanings a year
  • Kedel is the only pellet boiler on the market that comes standard with a wireless web enabled controller so you can view it on line and monitor its performance remotely.
  • Kedel modulates down to 1/10th of its output.  This far surpasses any pellet or gas boiler on the market, and means the boiler runs with fewer ignition cycles than any pellet boiler on the market
  • Kedel can be set up in a variety of configurations; there are cost saving options that will require more interaction and a variety of automation options that will allow for less.  You can upgrade over time as well.

Do Solar and Pellets Go Together Well?

Yes! Think of pellets as solar power that’s been stored in solid fuel, ready for your use on-demand. By combining readily available sunshine, with sunshine stored by trees, we have a truly sustainable energy solution for New England that meets home heating, domestic hot water, and electricity needs (add in transportation, if you’re driving an electric car!).

Homes that go Kedel can install a solar hot water system + electric backup (for 100% solar hot water heating May – October), or efficient electric hot water tank + photovoltaic panels (for up to 100% electricity offset year-round), and effectively eliminate oil from their home.

Now that’s a great thing to come home to. Learn more by visiting: