Belfast, Maine - Solar Hot Water Space HeatingThe Bangor Daily News has featured the super-efficient solar space heated home of Ian and Zofia Weiss.

The Weiss’ house has R values of 50-58 throughout the structure, a perfect southern orientation, and radiant floor heating distribution throughout. Solar energy heats water for the radiant system, which is backed up with an on-demand electric unit.

Abigail Curtis writes:

The Weisses have designed and built their home to be warm in the winter without the use of fossil fuels. It’s heated primarily with sun-warmed water gathered with a rooftop array of solar tubes, and it is superinsulated, the walls packed with blown-in fiberglass insulation that is a foot thick.

Although there is a small Franklin wood stove on the ground floor and a similarly small electric heater, for nine months out of the year their heating source will be the sun.

Read more at the Bangor Daily News website.

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