200 Year Old Barn Receives Sustainable Upgrades by a Custom Shoemaker

For the past 40 years, Robert and Barbara have shared a love affair restoring this wonderful barn. To prepare it for solar, they pooled their resources together with the talents of their son, Eben, who grew up heavily influenced by working alongside his parents during their restoration efforts. Now a highly skilled craftsman and professional… Read more

Carbon Standards Will Fight Pollution, Add Jobs

ReVision Energy co-founder, Phil Coupe recently submitted this editorial to the New Hampshire Business Review, it appeared in the September 5, 2014 issue of New Hampshire Business Review. Although the United States emits the highest per capita carbon pollution in the world (40 percent coming from power plants), we are lulled into complacency because these… Read more

Another New Solar Electric Installation in Andover

Revision Energy of Exeter installed another photovoltaic array in Andover last month. The 18 panels should provide about 5.4 kilowatts of electricity over the course of a year, enough to power the entire household. Any excess power goes into the New Hampshire Electric Co-op’s grid for other NHEC customers to use. Revision recently announced a… Read more

Net-Zero Energy Homes a Growing Maine Trend

Robert Howe’s reaction to the oil embargo of the mid-1970s was to build his own thermal shutters for the windows of his home. A lifelong advocate of energy conservation, Howe, 69, is now pouring his passion for energy efficiency into a net-zero energy home he and his wife are building in Brunswick. The 2,400-square-foot home will… Read more

Turning to solar power in case of an emergency

York Middle School could be the pilot site in Maine for a series of solar-powered emergency shelters, under plans being devised by the York Energy Efficiency Committee. Bill Young of the Florida Solar Energy Center, which received federal funding to install solar electric emergency power systems on 100-plus schools, came to York on Thursday to… Read more

NHSPCA enjoys solar breakthrough

When it comes to going green and saving money, thoughtful planning and research can lead to significant change. Consider the case for the New Hampshire SPCA, the state’s oldest animal protection and care facility, which decided in 2008 that it was time to deal seriously with rising costs of energy. And, according to SPCA director… Read more

EDITORIAL: Solar-panel plans show great promise

Earlier this month, the Windham Town Council approved a plan to cover the roof of the East Windham Fire Station in solar panels. The project, with Portland-based ReVision Energy, will power that fire station, as well as the one in North Windham, at a savings of 9 percent on electricity for the next six years,… Read more