Maine Couple Fuels Up On Sunshine

Jim and Liz Freyenhagen have been enjoying the benefits of solar energy for several years now, which they produce with 2 solar arrays and solar hot water system. ReVision installed their second solar array this spring; its ground mounted 32 Q Cell panels generate an additional 9.6 kW, which will help provide most of their… Read more

NH Couple Harvests Peace of Mind from Solar Investment

After ReVision Energy installed 33 LG solar panels on a brisk February day in 2015, Dave and Janice Nolte were excited to begin producing clean kilowatts to power their home and BMW i3, only to discover they were generating a healthy amount of clean energy beyond what was predicted. The Noltes got back in touch… Read more

Lincolnville Lights Up a Midcoast Solar Movement

In 2012, community members in Lincolnville, Maine made national news in their successful effort to re-purpose a one room schoolhouse built in 1849 to be a privately funded community library. Among other highlights in the project – scores of volunteers skillfully tugged the old schoolhouse across a road to a new lot where it was… Read more

Solar Powers Independence and Responsibility for Andover Homeowners

Paul and Maria Glorioso always knew that a solar energy system was in their future. For Maria, a retired nurse from Andover, NH, powering her home with the sun was not only a major home improvement goal, but also part of a great passion for ecology and preserving the Earth’s bounty for future generations. Creating… Read more

Solar Power is a Natural Fit for The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy’s Great Bay office in Newmarket, NH will be nearly carbon neutral after the installation of a 6.1kw grid-tied solar elecrtric array. The solar array is designed to cover 100% of the office’s electric load and will offset nearly 6,000 pounds of carbon pollution each year.  To celebrate its energy independence, the Great… Read more

NH Homeowner Drives on Sunshine

One weekend a year, the tiny town of Gilsum, New Hampshire blooms with visitors to the Rock Swap & Mineral Show. The event is a vestige of Gilsum’s origins as a quarry town, its numerous mines providing a source for feldspar, beryl and mica through the 1930s.  It is here that solar customer Jim Hall… Read more

Growing with Solar: Fedco Seeds Powered by the Sun

Fedco Seeds employees line up in front of the new solar array powering their operations in Clinton, Maine. The 54.6kw solar array will provide for roughly 94% of the company’s electricity. The nearly 40-year old seed company is one of a very few in the country that are cooperatively organized. Because they do not have… Read more

Solar is a “Must Have” for Outdoor Enthusiasts Tony and Jenny Simone

Like most folks who live in the White Mountain region, Tony and Jenny Simone relish the jaw-dropping natural beauty that surrounds them, and the robust outdoor recreational opportunities the mountains afford: rock-climbing, skiing, hiking. As the couple entered their 70s, they were looking at building the home they were going to retire in, and they… Read more

ReVision Employee Walks the Talk

ReVision employees are eager to invest in the same technologies that they offer customers. In the recent year, ReVisionistas have had nearly thirty employee home projects installed, including 12 air source heat pump systems, 11 solar electric systems (including one expansion) and 6 heat pump hot water heaters. For example, Solar Design Specialist Bob Morton… Read more