Lock in longterm savings with no upfront cost through PPAs or Net Energy Billing.

solar for municipalities and nonprofits

Transitioning to solar could save the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester up to $845,000 over the life of the systems

Solar energy is a fantastic way for municipalities, government entities, and nonprofits to lock in reliable costs of electricity for decades while reducing their impact on the climate.

Two available programs—solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and the Net Energy Billing (NEB) program (Maine only)—are great paths to solar for municipalities and nonprofits organizations. These programs allow towns, schools, hospitals, and community organizations, who cannot take advantage of federal tax programs, enjoy the same benefits of clean solar power afforded to businesses and homeowners.

Both options require no upfront cost, and ensure long term energy cost savings and consistent support from our team.

Why Go Solar?

The benefits of solar are not just for residents and small businesses! Solar for municipalities and nonprofits extend the financial and environmental benefits of clean energy to entire communities.

Solar enables nonprofits and schools, like the Boys & Girls Club, to pass the benefits of clean energy to the communities they serve

With the transition to solar more affordable through PPAs and Net Energy Billing, municipalities and non-profits can protect themselves from rising utility costs and enjoy significant savings. Switching to local solar energy can mean more room in a municipal or nonprofit budget to invest in local jobs or projects.

New England’s solar resource is strong, thanks to bright, cold winters and long summer days. Annually, a solar array in Maine or New Hampshire will produce a comparable amount of power to the same system installed in Austin, Texas. And since electricity is relatively expensive in the Northeast, the value of the New England system is higher than that of the system in Texas.

Solar is the clear environmental winner, with no moving parts, long-lived equipment, and no emissions in the generation of power. In short, going solar is good for your budget, good for your community, and good for the planet!

PPA & NEB Program Overviews

There are two programs through which municipal, nonprofit, and qualifying commercial customers can transition to solar, and take advantage of all its benefits and incentives. A solar power purchase agreement (PPA), which is available in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, is also a great option that requires no upfront capital. For Maine municipalities and nonprofits, the Net Energy Billing (NEB) program is a great way to lock in consistent solar savings at no upfront cost, through a 20-year contract with ReVision Energy and the utility company.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Solar panels on Camden Hills High School, financed through a PPA

A solar PPA is an innovative financial structure which eliminates the #1 barrier to a municipality or nonprofit going solar – access to upfront capital. No initial cost is required. Instead, we pair an interested town, nonprofit or school with a private solar investor, who can take advantage of federal tax programs not available to the nonprofit.

Benefits of solar PPA projects:

  • No upfront cost
  • Path to ownership
  • Avoid utility rate hikes
  • Lowest long-term power cost vs. any other source
  • Savings to invest back into community
  • Carbon pollution reduction


Net Energy Billing (NEB) (Maine only)


Maine’s first multi-town offsite solar array, built by ReVision Energy, generates local solar for municipalities

For qualifying Maine customers, the Net Energy Billing (NEB) program offers the ability to offset their energy bill in the form of monetary credits. Commercial and municipal customers lock in significant cost savings for 20 years by buying discounted solar NEB credits generated ReVision Energy offsite projects without needing to install solar panels on their roofs or properties.

Benefits of offsite NEB projects:

  • No upfront cost
  • No space or rooftop require for solar arrays
  • 20 years of consistent savings
  • Savings to invest back into community
  • Carbon pollution reduction


Why Choose ReVision Energy?

revision energy professional solar installers

ReVision Energy installers maintaining a solar array

We are a full service design, engineering, and installation company with an unmatched depth of experience in Northern New England.  Our company has been ranked #25 in the country in rooftop solar installers and our work has been featured in industry magazines such as Solar Pro. Our company has been ranked the #1 rooftop solar installer in New England for the past three years. With over 4,500 successful installations across the region, we have refined our design and installation practices such that our renewable energy systems are as dependable (or more-so) than the conventional systems they replace. We install and service mature technologies that are ready to suffer through 35+ years of harsh New England winters.

We streamline system installation, and eliminate the confusion and difficulty of working with multiple subcontractors, by using our own highly trained team of professional solar technicians on every project. In addition to NABCEP certification (the industry’s highest level of training and accreditation), our technicians carry state solar installer certification. ReVision Energy’s project supervisors also hold master electrician and master plumber licenses to ensure that every completed system is code-compliant and qualifies for government financial incentives. Our highly trained, in-house service and maintenance team ensures your system will operate at peak performance for years to come.

Installers at a developing offsite solar project

Due to the volume of solar we install, and thanks to relationships such as our part in the Amicus solar cooperative, we have long-term purchasing relationships with manufacturers of high quality system components. This enables us to source the very best components at a significant discount and pass the savings on to you, keeping our prices competitive without compromising in component selection.

ReVision Energy backs every system with a promise to deliver exceptional customer service. Our technicians perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure your system is operating at peak performance over the long haul.