Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging station installed at Eastman’s Corner Farm Stand in Kensington, NH. ReVision’s in-house graphics team worked on the wrap as a complementary co-branding effort to thank Eastman’s Corner for their strong efforts to be environmentally responsible.

Electric vehicle sales are rising and one way businesses can distinguish themselves among competitors is to offer electric vehicle charging stations, which are still somewhat uncommon in the Northeast, which has lagged behind Western and Mid-Atlantic states in the adoption of electric vehicles.

Businesses that invest in electric vehicle charging not only garner more customers, but they tend to garner great press. Much like solar, investments in electric vehicle charging are a way to show conscientious consumers that your business is committed towards the transition to a clean energy economy.

Available Incentives

There are a variety of federal, state, and local incentives depending on your type of business and geographic location.

  • Federal 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
  • 5-year MACRS depreciation.
  • State rebates, which vary.
  • REAP Grants (for certain qualifying businesses).
  • REC revenues available in some areas.

Partnering with ReVision Energy

We are a full service design, engineering, and installation company with an unmatched depth of experience in Northern New England.  Our company has been ranked #25 in the country in rooftop solar installers and our work has been featured in industry magazines such as Solar Pro, Renewable Energy World, Home Power, and Photon.  With over 7,000 successful installations across the region, we have refined our design and installation practices such that our renewable energy systems are as dependable (or more so) than the conventional systems they replace.  We install and service mature technologies that are ready to suffer through 35+ years of harsh New England winters.

revision energy professional solar installersWe streamline system installation, and eliminate the confusion and difficulty of working with multiple subcontractors, by using our own highly trained team of professional solar technicians on every project.  In addition to NABCEP certification (the industry’s highest level of training and accreditation), our technicians carry state solar installer certification. ReVision Energy’s project supervisors also hold master electrician and master plumber licenses to ensure that every completed system is code-compliant and qualifies for government financial incentives.

Due to the volume of solar we install, and thanks to relationships such as our part in the AMICUS solar cooperative, we have long-term purchasing relationships with manufacturers of high quality system components. This enables us to source the very best components at a significant discount and pass the savings on to you, keeping our prices competitive without compromising in component selection.

ReVision Energy backs every system with a promise to deliver exceptional customer service. Our technicians perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure your system is operating at peak performance over the long haul. In addition, should you need assistance any time, day or night, our technicians are on call for you.