Reduce operating costs and your carbon footprint by joining a local community solar farm.

Transition your business to solar power without installing solar panels on your roof or property! Small businesses in Maine can access the full benefits of going solar by joining a local Community Solar Farm (CSF). Currently available in Maine.

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Community solar allows small businesses and organizations to receive credit on their electricity bills for the power produced from their solar shares, offsetting their electricity costs.

Solar Power Built by Mainers, for Maine Businesses

Rooftop solar offers the ability to generate power literally from your rooftop, but for many businesses this isn’t always a feasible option.

Community solar works great for:

  • Businesses who don’t own their building.
  • Businesses who may be moving locations.
  • Businesses who don’t have a good location to add solar panels.

How Community Solar Works

ReVision Energy builds a large-scale solar farm at an ideal solar location, working with the landowner or local organizations to responsibly site the solar project. Power generated from the solar farm feeds into the grid, which is then distributed to the members of the solar farm.

Small business owners can join a CSF and transition to using local solar power through two models:

  • Solar farm owners – where you purchase a share of off-site solar panels and have all the financial benefits as if you’d built the solar project at your location (can reduce your electric bill ~90%).
  • Solar farm subscribers – where you subscribe to a farm under no-upfront-cost, no long-term obligation agreement and enjoy a more modest savings from a share of panels (can reduce your electric bill ~10%).

Solar Ownership vs. Subscription

Community solar ownership and subscriptions both offer the ability to go solar without having install physical panels. So how do you decide? Both options allow you to power your business with solar, so deciding which way to join community solar depends on the finances and priorities of your business.

Solar Ownership: Unlock Greatest Savings

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Community solar farms generate clean, low cost energy for small businesses all over Maine.

Our ownership model provides the greatest long-term value for small businesses. It has all the financial advantages of installing rooftop solar – the full tax credit, REC sales, and power savings – just the panels are off-site.

Benefits of Ownership:

  • You (the owner) receive full financial benefits such as tax credits and RECs.
  • Lowest 25-year cost of power by buying at a fixed price, e.g. once you buy solar, the value of your system appreciates over time as electric rates go up.
  • You receive long-term support and maintenance from a local Maine company (that’s us!)
  • Can purchase upfront or finance with 0% down, low-interest loan product.

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Solar Subscription: Solar for Every Maine Business

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Subscription community solar is a flexible, low commitment option for small businesses looking to go solar.

Not everyone is ready to make the commitment to purchasing solar, which is where solar subscriptions fit in. The subscription model allows small businesses to go solar, regardless of whether they own property or are in a position to purchase or finance solar panels.

Benefits of Subscription:

  • You can join with no upfront cost or credit checks required.
  • You can go solar with flexible commitment – leave the solar farm at any time.
  • Guaranteed savings, as your electric bill will be reduced by up to 10% (varies based on seasonal system output and size of your share)
  • You can dip your toe into solar’s sunny waters – a great ‘try before you buy’ option.

We have partnered with Arcadia to offer solar farm subscriptions on ReVision Energy-build solar farms. In this scenario, you sign up for Arcadia who takes over your CMP bill and pays on your behalf, and also manages your solar farm subscription. When the solar project starts generating electricity, you’ll earn solar credits, which in turn offer you savings. Arcadia also offers a web portal so you can see how your share is performing in real-time!

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Local Solar Supports Local Business

Maine Farmer Peter Curra talks about the benefits hosting a community solar farm has had for his family and business

Meet local Mainer and solar farm host Peter Curra. A solar farm helps stabilize costs his working family business.

Whether you join a solar farm as an owner or subscriber, you will be voting with your dollars to reduce carbon pollution and invest in clean energy infrastructure and local jobs. This sends a powerful message to the local community and to customers who are looking for businesses to lead in the transition to a clean energy powered economy.

All solar farms developed by ReVision keep the benefits of solar power local and invested in our communities, as well as helping the Mainers who host the solar farms, like farmer Peter Curra.

We have been building solar farms in Maine for over ten years— including the very first community-owned solar farm project in Maine! — and are comprised of a community of 200+ employee owners who live and work in Maine.

Benefits of Both Ownership & Subscription:

  • You help support local farmers who receive financial benefits from hosting community solar farms.
  • Your membership supports the build-out of more clean-power generating solar farms, reducing the need for fossil fuel plants and large transmission line projects.
  • Solar farms reduce the need for fossil fuel plants and large transmission line projects.
  • You save money while helping to build a better world for future generations.

For larger businesses and corporations in Maine who are interested in a transition to solar that doesn’t require installing panels, we recommend exploring solar options through the Net Energy Billing program.

Does Community Solar Ownership Sound Right for Your Small Business?

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