A Brighter Way to Illuminate Your Business

In 1880, Edison’s patenting of a commercially viable incandescent light bulb, with a bamboo filament, revolutionized the world of artificial lighting. Nearly 150 years later, lighting is being revolutionized again: this time by the Light Emitting Diode (LED). LEDs have been common in computer screens and smart devices for more than a decade, now, their price has declined such that they are becoming the dominant technology in artificial lighting applications. ReVision Energy is proud to now offer commercial LED lighting design, build-out, and retrofits.

LED Lighting for business outperforms existing lighting technology in nearly every way.                                                                                                                                             


Efficiency, Efficacy (And Cost)

commercial-LED-lighting-cost-savings-chartIn 2016, roughly 11% of all electricity consumed in the United States was used on lighting – at an estimated cost of roughly $6 Billion annually (See: EIA ). LEDs will provide comparable lighting for 50-75% less than their fluorescent or high-pressure-sodium counterparts. LEDs have decreased in cost substantially over the last few years, making transitioning your business to LED lights very attractive financially. Businesses can expect a 2-7 year payback on commercial LED lighting projects.

A major advantage of LED lighting over older technologies is the technology’s efficacy. Efficacy is the amount of light that is emitted from a fixture per watt of energy used. Older legacy technologies have less efficacious light sources and require reflectors to direct the light. LED’s are 2 to 3 times more efficacious than older technologies and have the benefit of being a directional source. As a result, more light is directed where it is needed and not lost illuminating unnecessary surfaces.


commercial-LED-lighting-lifespan-graphic-1LEDs are not only less expensive to operate than legacy lighting equipment, they are also much more reliable.

“Solid state” is a term used in many industries which is becoming synonymous with reliability. Semiconductor technology revolutionized the television, radio and computer industries. Now, similar to how tube radios are a thing of the past, solid state LED technology is phasing out the older lighting technologies.

Older technologies are based around glass containers that are designed to hold a vacuum or a gas. While a light fixture might be made of metal, a frail light source makes the system susceptible to damage. LED technology is based around more robust materials. While not invulnerable, the light emitting diode can withstand significantly more abuse when compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting.


commercial-LED-lighting-burning-hours-versus-fluorescentThe light emitting diode has been around since the 60’s. The technology has come a long way since and is now the future of artificial lighting. LED lighting boasts rated lifetimes of 2-10x that of other lighting technologies (See: EIA). Partly due to the efficiency of the technology and partly due to the construction materials, LED’s have a rated life up to 150,000 maintenance-free operational hours. In some applications that translates to certain installations lasting as many as 40 years!

Businesses invest significant resources replacing lamps in existing lighting systems throughout the year. The longevity the technology offers has the added benefit of reducing the component and labor costs to change out lamps. Over the life of the fixture, this represents a large savings which improves the return on investment of LED Lighting Retrofits.


Artificial lighting has been around since humanity started lighting fires to cook food and illuminate the night. Since then people have been searching for ways to improve the lighting in their caves to increase their productivity and create more comfortable environments for themselves. Commercial LED lighting technology offers unique advantages over older technologies that help forward these goals.

Color rendering index (CRI) is a metric created to measure the accuracy of how colors appear under certain light sources. The sun is considered perfect at color rendering since our eyes evolved under it’s light. While it’s hard to compare artificial light sources to the sun, LED technology can offer better color rendering than comparable artificial sources. Colors will appear more vivid than compared to fluorescent lighting. This is especially important in retail, service and healthcare industries.

What do we mean by better? Well, have you ever felt like a gym or warehouse was grubby and dim? Have you had workers or customers complain about the flickering quality of fluorescent lights?


All of these issues and more are caused by imperfect color rendering by legacy lighting technology. LED Lighting has significantly higher CRI, meaning that colors are more accurate under LED Lights than other lighting.


LED technology works differently than older fluorescent technology. The technology allows for easier and less expensive dimming. As a result, many LED luminaires come standard with the ability to be dimmed. Dimming allows for more control over the interior environment and gives users the ability to customize the lighting in their space.

Coupled with lighting controls, LED technology can offer simple on and off control, tunable white or full-color control if the application calls for it.

Prefer ‘warmer’ lights? Easily done. Need brighter – more daylight-like conditions? Also done! Want to have lighting that is brighter in the middle of the day and ‘cools off’ at night? Not a problem. With LEDs, your options to customize your workplace environment are limitless.

Overall Better for the Environment

In addition to reducing the energy requirements of a building and site, LED technology has no mercury in the light source, unlike legacy fluorescent technology. LED’s eliminate the need to recycle used lamps and reduce waste due to their longevity.

ReVision: An Experienced Partner for Commercial LED Lighting Projects

ReVision Energy enters the Commercial LED Lighting market with over 15 years of experience as the region’s leading innovator in solar and complementary technologies. LED Lighting is a natural extension to our business because:

  1. It helps businesses achieve energy savings and carbon pollution goals.
  2. Our qualified and award-winning team excels at custom design and engineering work.
  3. Commercial LED Lighting complements solar perfectly: Solar PV helps generate electricity at a reliable, predictable rate, and LED Lighting generates electricity savings at a reliable, predictable rate.

The Lighting Evaluation Process

Interested in switching your facility to LED lighting? The first step to a LED Lighting project is scheduling an evaluation with our team to conduct a free lighting assessment. This assessment is not a sales pitch; during this process, we meet with you at your site, catalog all of your existing fixtures – the types, locations, and technology – and talk with you about your lighting goals.

Once we have an assessment of your space, we can talk through what is important in a lighting system to you. Based on your specific wants and needs, we’ll create a proposal which will include fixture descriptions, estimated cost and payback information. From there we will work with you to finalize a custom lighting system for your facility and our team will install it.

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