Solar electricity offers a suite of benefits to businesses that no other technology offers, empowering New England’s 100% clean energy transition:

Casco Bay Arena - Solar Powered Ice Rink

1. Solar Power for Business

A key to running a successful business is making good decisions. Did you know that the average return on investment of solar energy ranges from 8% to 12% per year? Find out more about how you can make the sun work for you.



2. Solar PV for Municipalities

A multitude of reasons exists to switch to solar energy from a sustainability standpoint, but why should your town make the switch? In this section, we will detail the benefits of municipal solar power.


3. EV Charging for Business

Electric vehicle sales are rising and one way that businesses can distinguish themselves among competitors is to offer electric vehicle charging stations, which are still somewhat uncommon in the Northeast, which has lagged behind Western and Mid-Atlantic states in the adoption of electric vehicles.


4. EV Charging for Municipalities and Nonprofits

Even if you don’t have any competitors, offering EV charging at your location can encourage patrons, students, or citizens to come back often for their needs. 


Why go solar? Because solar electricity can power the heating and cooling systems in your home.

5. Rebates and Incentives

Businesses are available for a suite of federal and state solar rebates and tax incentives which make purchasing solar more affordable.