Wind Vs. Solar Power

If you’re comparing a small-scale wind power system vs. a grid-tied photovoltaic system, there are a number of factors to consider.

Small scale wind, in general, is a more challenging application in Maine because it requires both 1) a really good wind site, and 2) a turbine site that is at least 30′ higher than nearby obstructions (i.e. trees). Very few locations in Maine meet these requirements, simply because we have so many trees!

This wind resource vs. solar insolationsolar insolation in maine vs. wind resource in maine map helps visually express the challenge of siting small scale wind in Maine:

These restrictions aside, small scale wind is making a comeback thanks to modern technology that resolves limitations and mistakes made with earlier generations. One of the champions of the revival of small scale wind is local Maine-based manufacturer Pika Energy. Pika Energy offers a unique wind-solar hybrid inverter that allows you to combine multiple renewable technologies to power your home.