The Most Powerful Solar on the Planet is Ready

As a SunPower Premier Dealer, ReVision Energy is able to offer the world's most efficient solar panels. Sunpower, a California-based company, manufactures the world's most efficient solar panels for residential or commercial applications.

In addition to offering a superior product, Sunpower stands behind their systems with guarantees such as Sunpower Energy Assurance ™, and a vendor-backed no-money down solar loan. ReVision Energy is the only company in Maine able to offer this program to its customers. Click here for a program PDF.

Finally, Sunpower's panels have an attractive, matte-black finish which is more aesthetically pleasing than conventional blue-silicon solar panels. See many samples of Sunpower panels in our online project gallery.

Information on What Premier Dealer Means:

Own Your Power Solar Loan Program
Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

We love getting hot water from the sun. The installation looks fine on our old farm house.

This summer we had 13 people living, showering, cooking and doing laundry here and the furnace didn't go on even once. Hooray!

Red and Louise Sullivan
Two Lights Rd., Cape Elizabeth

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