The Most Powerful Solar on the Planet is Ready

As a SunPower Premier Dealer, ReVision Energy is able to offer the world's most efficient solar panels. Sunpower, a California-based company, manufactures the world's most efficient solar panels for residential or commercial applications.

In addition to offering a superior product, Sunpower stands behind their systems with guarantees such as Sunpower Energy Assurance ™, and a vendor-backed no-money down solar loan. ReVision Energy is the only company in Maine able to offer this program to its customers. Click here for a program PDF.

Finally, Sunpower's panels have an attractive, matte-black finish which is more aesthetically pleasing than conventional blue-silicon solar panels. See many samples of Sunpower panels in our online project gallery.

Information on What Premier Dealer Means:

Own Your Power Solar Loan Program
Norway, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

From the moment my system began producing power I felt paid back. I have taken a step to lessen Maine's fossil fuel consumption. For me, the final decision was easy, and I have never looked back.

Thank you to all the folks at Revision Energy for working toward saving the planet one solar panel at a time!

Nancy Hohmann
Norway, Maine

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