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Solar Hot Water Calculator/Sizing Tool

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We have two versions of this tool, you are using the one for solar hot water. Switch to solar electricity calculator.

Solar Thermal Calculator

Which State Do You Live In?
How Many People Live in Your Home?
Do You Live in Your Home Year Round?
How Much Hot Water Do You Use?

How Much Does It Cost?

Gross Installed Cost:   $
Federal Tax Credit: - $
State Rebate: - $
Total Incentives: - $
Net Investment:   $
Est. C02 Offset Each Year:     lbs
Est. Hot Water Used Daily:     gal
Estimate only, actual quote varies based on market price & complexity. State rebates may vary due to project size.

Your SHW System

Welcome to the Solar Calculator

This version of our solar calculator lets you size a solar hot water system to meet your home's needs. Systems are sized based on hot water need - a product of the number of a home's occupants and relative water use.

PV System Image

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Why Invest in Solar?

Solar energy is one of the safest investment options on the market today, delivering:

  • 100% guaranteed financial return on investment (you get all of your money back, then an 'annuity' for decades in the form of avoided energy costs)
  • Environmental return on investment (eliminate thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions annually)
  • Home equity return on investment (solar is proven to increase the value of any property by lowering cost of ownership)
  • Community return on investment (everyone benefits from cleaner air & reduced dependence on fossil energy)