What People Are Saying

Here's what some of our customers have said about their experience with solar and working with ReVision Energy:

Residential Customer Testimonials

Dover, NH Solar HomeTestimonial from a homeowner in Andover, NH:

The gang did a superb job and my wife and I are very pleased with the outcome. They were very respectful of the property and stopped and answered all our questions. They definitely were very professional and did a GREAT job. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anybody. And I love getting power from the sun. Thank you and the crew again.

Jeff S.
Andover, New Hampshire

Dan Batting's Solar Array

Testimonial from a homeowner in Chester, New Hampshire:

“I originally looked into Solar in the interest of being a good steward of this green orb that we call home – it didn’t hurt that there were grants and tax incentives. I am very satisfied with the system’s performance (it meets about 60% of the electricity for my office) and have received a lot of inquiries, and am happy to refer people to ReVision Energy.”

Dann Batting
Chester, New Hampshire

Solar Home in Sidney, Maine

A 6.63 kW solar electric system and 3 solar hot water flat plates installed on the roof of a home in Sidney, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Sidney, Maine:

So far everything has been great. We used about zero propane for hot water and the first two full months’ electricity bills were $125 less than they were before!

Sidney, ME

Testimonial from homeowner in Peaks Island, Maine:

Can’t say enough good things about your company and the installation crew! We are very happy with the system and it’s working great.

Peaks Island, ME

Testimonial from solar customer in Webster, New Hampshire:

We are so happy with our solar hot water installation! Everything is working great and we just love showing it off! We want you to know that the crew was very hardworking, friendly, knowledgeable and respectful of our home. True professionals. Needless to say we have and will continue to recommend your company to everyone we know and we look forward to having you back to install solar electric in our home in the future!

Margaret Foss,
Webster, NH

Damon Solar Home in Gorham, ME

Testimonial from solar customer in Gorham, Maine:

We love our solar hot water system! It’s quiet, greener, and makes us feel good. Every day when the sun is shining, our solar tank is maxed out – Excellent!

Duane and Pat Damon
Gorham, Maine

An 11.44kW solar electric array installed on the roof of a home in Bedford, NH

An 11.44kW solar electric array installed on the roof of a home in Bedford, NH

Testimonial from homeowner in Bedford, New Hampshire:

“I was thoroughly impressed with ReVision Energy’s work. After day 1, I always felt comfortable leaving for the day knowing that I would come home happy/impressed/amazed. And coming from someone who never hires out work, does everything himself, and is never happy, that’s the best compliment that I can give”

Corin Wright,
Bedford, NH

Falmouth, Maine - Solar

7.9 kW solar electric system installed on the roof of a home in Falmouth, ME that also includes a solar hot water system and electric boiler

Testimonial from homeowner in Falmouth, Maine:

“Careful tracking of my solar array showed that I reduced my annual electricity expense by nearly $1,631, or an overall decrease of 70% of my grid electric use. The solar array pays for itself over time and it matches or beats other conservative investments like bonds”

Peter Guyton,
Falmouth, ME

Mirror Lake, New Hampshire -  Solar

Happy homeowners with their new 5.7 kW solar electric system on their house in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire

Testimonial from homeowner in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire:

These mini-split [heat pumps] are outstanding. They heat as well as our old home’s oil boiler with half the up front costs, plus half of the long-term operational costs. We also use no fossil fuel, because I make my own electricity. Solar + Heat pumps is a no brainer. We have produced enough extra electricity to provide the AC for another 2 or more houses during the highest period of demand on the electric grid during the entire year. My system will pay for itself in 7-8 years, then I have another 18 years of the guarantee period with FREE energy! What’s not to like about this picture?

Dan Lake,
Mirror Lake, New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire - Solar

9.3kW solar electric system installed on the roof of a home in Bedford, NH

Testimonial from homeowner in Bedford, New Hampshire:

“Thank you so much for the solar system. It’s so cool, it’s really cranking and I’m more than satisfied. You did a great job spec’ing out the equipment, and the crew did an outstanding and clean install.”

Michael Abrams,
Bedford, New Hampshire

East Blue Hill, Maine  - Solar

5.64kw grid tied solar electric system and solar hot water for a new home in East Blue Hill, Maine

Testimonial from homeowner in East Blue Hill, Maine:

“We have nothing but praise for the entire ReVision staff that worked with us; from John Luft and Jennifer, Hans who worked on site evaluation and Matt who oversaw our installation and service. We are a completely electric house; heat, hot water, all appliances… Thanks to the solar, we got down to less than $300 to run our house for the year!”

Nancy White,
East Blue Hill, Maine

Durham, New Hampshire - Solar

4.4kW solar electric array installed on the roof of a home in Durham, NH.

Testimonial from homeowner in Durham, NH:

“The system is working! Last month we had the first $11.96 bill from PSNH. I’ve never been so happy opening a bill before. We are so pleased and are spreading the word about the feasibility of solar energy meeting the electricity needs for our single family home, and the positive experience working with the ReVision team.
Thanks to all”

Dea Brickner-Wood,
Durham, New Hampshire

Oakland, Maine - Solar Hot Water

An evacuated tube solar hot water system installed on the roof of an Oakland, Maine home.

Testimonial from homeowner in Oakland, Maine:

“I just wanted to give you an update after 7 winters using the wood boiler and solar tubes you installed and wanted to tell you again how happy I am with all of it – particularly when I look at the gauge on the oil tank and see that we don’t have to fill it! Seriously, we last filled the oil tank on November 1, 2011 and it is still over 1/4 full. For 2 winters and a summer, we only used 200 gallons of oil.


Roger Schutte,
Oakland, ME

Salisbury, Massachusetts - Solar

A 7.2kW solar electric system installed on the roof of a Salisbury, MA home.

Testimonial from homeowner in Salisbury, MA:

“Our first involvment with solar energy was in the early eighties when we had the good fortune to participate in a solar domestic hot water heating experiment that our power company was conducting. Since that time we have been looking for a way to increase the amount of solar energy we could use in our home. Steve Condon and Revision Energy showed us how.

Today with generous federal and state tax credits, state rebates, no added sales or property tax, and SREC’s and low cost solar panels available, going solar is the thing to do!”

Joe Buttaro
Salisbury, MA

Andover, New Hampshire - Solar

A solar electric system installed on the roof of an Andover, NH home.

Testimonial from homeowner in Andover, NH:

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with all the work everyone at ReVision has done for us. The installation was fun to watch, and beautifully done. Brian is an conduit bending artist, and the care Chris, Alex and Brian put into installing and adjusting the racks was very impressive. Bill’s work is mostly concealed, but what is visible looks good. I appreciate Bills’ patience in dealing with me and my questions. The hot water heater is located where I want it, the connections are very clean, and the rewiring on the boiler control (no “cold start” needed) is functioning correctly. Almost (but not quite) as icing on the cake, everything works: so far we’ve generated around 10,000 megawatts and the meter has spun off the wall twice.

Working with ReVision Energy has been a great experience!

Many thanks to all,”

Andy Prokosch & Susan Schnare
Andover, New Hampshire

Strong, Maine - Solar

A solar electric system installed on the roof of a home in Strong, ME.

Testimonial from homeowner in Strong, ME:

“I thought I would take a minute to touch base with you guys and let you know how things have worked out.

The solar panels are more than sufficient to provide all of the needs of my electric fixtures as well as the heat pump and my electric vehicles. I am happy to say that I think the entire plan worked out incredibly well and actually better than I had hoped. I am extremely appreciative of your expertise and the time that you took to make sure that all calculations involved were close to the mark, and for the quality of the work. In retrospect, I cannot see anything that I would have done differently.

Thank you in all sincerity,”

Joseph J. Caldwell, M.D.
Strong, ME

Exeter, New Hampshire - Solar

A 4.7 kW solar electric system installed on the roof of a home in Exeter, NH

Testimonial from homeowner in Exeter, New Hampshire:

“Our solar PV system has been up and operating for about a year now, and we have been extremely happy with the process and the product. Without exception, everyone we interacted with from ReVision was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional throughout the process. They were never pushy, and were understanding when we needed to delay the project a year due to financial issues. The installers were pleasant to have around and cleaned up perfectly. We were a little worried about heavy snows, but the panels made it through this past winter with absolutely no problem. In short, we heartily recommend ReVision. We’ve had two zero electricity bills so far, and although we still need to work a bit on reducing our electrical usage, it feels great to have a good portion of it generated by the sun!”

Mary and Eliot DeSilva
Exeter, New Hampshire

Peaks Island, Maine - Solar Hot Water

A flat plate solar hot water system installed on the roof of a home on Peaks Island, ME.

Testimonial from homeowner in Peaks Island, ME:

“We are delighted with the solar hot water system – especially the silence of the furnace in the summer! Your crew was very professional and and got right down to doing it, even though they came out to work on some of the hottest days of the summer. I thought it spoke very well of your company’s efficiency that you were flexible enough to come out earlier than we’d planned, to get the job done. Thanks for everything!”

Marina & Doug Penalver
Peaks Island, ME

Kittery Point, Maine - Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system installed on a green roof of a home in Kittery Point, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Kittery Point, ME:

“Every last person on this project has been a pure pleasure to work with – they’re smart, articulate and frankly, just nice. On top of all that, their work is super tidy, well-labeled and your project manager did a great job giving us the scoop on what’s what and how it all works.”

MJ Blanchette
Kittery Point, ME

Woolwich, ME - Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system installed on the roof of a home in Woolwich, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Woolwich, ME:

“I don’t know who the “boss” is in your company but please let whomever it is know that you guys are the best business I have dealt with in my life !

From the very beginning (when I met Jennifer) at the Damarascotta Home show four or more years ago, to Will’s on site consult to every single one of your workers that was at my house doing the install. You are all incredibly knowledgeable, hard working and truly care about me as your customer.

I can’t say enough about your entire team. I have posted my thoughts on Facebook along with your weblink. I have bragged about my solar collectors (I think they are sick of hearing about them already) to everyone and about your professionalism.

Thank you again,”

David Beauregard
Woolwich, ME

Seal Cove, Maine - Solar

A home in Seal Cove, Maine with a 7.7 kW solar electric system installed on the roof.

Testimonial from homeowner in Seal Cove, ME:

“Hans was very patient because we had many questions about solar; he did a wonderful job explaining the system to us during the evaluation. The two guys who installed our solar electric system were incredible. We’ve had many contractors in our home and none of them were as neat and professional as the ReVision crew. They cleaned up every last bit at the end of the job and left us with a high quality solar energy system–we love watching the inverter to see how much clean solar electricity we are making each day.”

Eva Eicher
Seal Cove, ME

Surry, Maine - Solar and Solar Hot Water

A solar electric system and solar hot water system installed on the roof of a home in Surry, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Surry, ME:

“I am very satisfied with Revision Energy. From the initial site evaluation to the installation, everyone was very professional. The workers arrived on time, and the installation was done as quoted. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the installation.”

Marshall Dodge,
Surry, Maine

South Paris, ME - Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system installed on the roof of a home in South Paris, Maine

Testimonial from homeowner in South Paris, ME:

“I am very happy with the domestic hot water system Revision Energy installed at my house. It works better than I expected. Even on cloudy days, it still heats the water. I did not expect that.

The feeling of satisfaction I feel, when I take a very hot shower, and do not hear my boiler come on, and know that the water was heated with the free energy from the Sun, is hard to describe.

I recommend this system to everyone. The sooner they have a system installed, the sooner they will be getting free hot water from the Sun.”

Sam Ray,
South Paris, Maine

Saco, Maine - Solar

A 5.5kW solar electric system installed on the roof of a home in Saco, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Saco, ME:

” Just wanted to let you know that the system is working great! You crew did a great job getting it installed.”

Dale Bourgoin,
Saco, Maine

Turner, Maine - Solar and Solar Hot Water

A 4.4kW solar electric system and a flat plate solar hot water system installed on the roof of a home in Turner, Maine.

Testimonial from homeowner in Turner, ME:

“We love the system! All my questions about the pros and cons of the different installations were answered thoroughly and I was given enough information to make the decision easily. The installers were intelligent, confident, polite and conscientious. They left no mess behind and were fun to have around. The shelves in my cellarway needed to be cleared off and taken down to get the water tank down the stairs. They not only did this, they put them back up before they left and put everything that was on them back onto them — I was kind of surprised, really, it seems like most folks tend to forget things like this. I also appreciate that they were patient with my two old hounds who managed to get underfoot more than once.”

Jean Wells and Matt Dyer,
Turner, Maine

Deerfield, NH - Solar

Solar installed on the roof of a barn in Deerfield, New Hampshire

Testimonial from homeowner in Deerfield, NH:

“You have a great crew of PV installers and electricians. I am very pleased with the quality of work.”

Tom Dunigan,
Deerfield, New Hampshire


Testimonial from homeowner in Brunswick, ME:

Your guys finished up my installation today and did a fabulous job!

They are a smart, well organized, and professional crew. They pulled out of here at almost 6:00 and were showed no ill will for the late hours. I am impressed.

Dewitt Kimball,
Brunswick, Maine

Barnstead, New Hampshire -  Solar

Testimonial from homeowner in Barnstead, NH:

Nothing but praise from start to finish!

Bob Emory,
Barnstead, New Hampshire

Brunswick, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Testimonial from homeowner in Brunswick, ME:

I wanted to let you know the happy news:
Our electric meter is running backwards!

I have waited for years to have this experience here in Maine on my home. Thank you all (and the rest of the team) so much for helping make it a reality.

Wendy and Jerielle Walsh,
Brunswick, Maine

Durham, New Hampshire - Solar

The install went better than I could have dreamed. Both crews were punctual, polite, informative, and clearly masters of their crafts. So impressive how the great culture of the company has been translated to everyone on the team. What a great experience! And now the neighbors are checking out our solar array every day and asking for your contact information!

Charles Forcey,
Durham, New Hampshire

Hanover, New Hampshire - Solar

Testimonial from homeowner in Hanover, NH:

“Head to toe” I was delighted with your company.

Your initial estimate and visit was very informative and thorough. You answered all my many questions without delay. You took care of the rebates and the installation crew was great and left the place neater than when they left. I was also encouraged that you install all types of solar, not just “tubes” or PV, so I felt it really was a system designed for our needs. Thanks for all that you do.

Paolo Bentivoglio,
Hanover, New Hampshire

Tenants-Harbor, Maine - Solar

Testimonial from homeowner in Tenant Harbor, ME:

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the performance of the solar hot water system you installed – last summer we were able to totally turn off our oil burner!

During the winter we had not anticipated much gain and were especially pleased to find that even on the coldest of days, the system could provide all our hot water if we were a little careful in when we used it. By showering and washing dishes and clothes in the early afternoon, on most days, the oil burner never came on. We have also been pleased with ReVision’s installation and the response to our questions.

Thanks for a great job!

John Rasmussen,
Tenant Harbor, Maine

Poland Springs, Maine - Solar

Testimonial from homeowners in Poland Springs, ME:

Just wanted to say thank you for a great experience having our new Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, and new Boiler installed this month. From start to finish, Revision Energy has been courteous and professional all the way through the process from Fred answering our questions on initial contact to Will, who came out to evaluate the site, Dan and his crews who came out to install the system, and Jen in the office helping us with the paperwork and getting the rebates it has been a very pleasant experience.

Our new solar systems, have been working great over the past few days, now that we’ve finally had some sun. It was exciting to see our meter running backward, even with the clothes washer, coffee pot, and two computers running, not to mention lights and other miscellaneous electronics. It will certainly help with our electric bills in the coming years. It’s also fun to watch our solar power output in more or less real time online with the web-based Enlighten program offered by Enphase. Our Solar Hot water has been doing great since day one, with the sun generating over 170 F of hot water in the tank, allowing us to utilize the hot water without the use of the boiler. It just takes some getting used to not having the boiler run so often.

Our new boiler, after working out just a few minor adjustments has been running far less than our old boiler, which was sized twice that of what we needed, and it is so quiet that we hardly notice that it is on. Prior to installation, we had an energy audit conducted, and it was helpful in identifying some things that we could do to tighten up the home. The weatherization project cost us about $2,000, but reduced the heat loss in our home considerably (500 cfm during the blower door test). I highly recommend having an audit done even if you don’t install these systems.

People ask us, why did we go green? Our answer is this: It’s simple economics. With the world economy spiraling downward, energy costs rising, and no end in sight to inflated prices, it seemed the most logical thing to do. We figured that it would be better to invest our money in our home rather than in the stock market for a more or less guaranteed return on our investment. With the tax credits available through the Federal Government set at 30% of cost, and State Rebates available through Efficiency Maine, our installation costs were lowered by almost 1/3rd.

We’re hoping to use the money we saved, once we get our taxes filed next year to invest in more PV panels in the future to offset our entire electric bill for the next 40 years or so. Oh, and yes, one added benefit is that we’re also doing our part to help the environment as well.

The people at Revision know their stuff, and fully believe in what they are doing. They take the time to do things right, and if something isn’t quite right, they will work to make it right. I call that great customer service.

Thank you again for the excellent work.

Wayne & Kathleen Cotterly,
Poland Springs, Maine

Yarmouth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Testimonial from homeowner in Yarmouth, ME:

We are very happy with our choice of Revision.

After evaluating our long term energy costs, solar hot water coupled with a new high-efficiency boiler made enormous sense for us. The rebate and credit only pushed us in the direction we chose in moving to Maine, which is to have a greener and more self-sufficient footprint. Both made economic sense fairly quickly and will help hedge us against future energy cost increases (which may come via dollar depreciation).

The panels are very modest and not visible from the street and the ReVision crew was terrific! Thank You!

Pamela Mitchell,
Yarmouth, Maine

Cumberland Foreside, Maine - Solar

Testimonial from homeowner in Cumberland Foreside, ME:

Let me start by saying that I’m quite pleased with the system as well as the work done by Revision. You guys are one of the few contractors I’ve ever dealt with that do exactly the job you say you will do, on time, for the quoted price, and with no leftover messes or system bugs. Thank you.

Rudy Engholm,
Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Falmouth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Testimonial from homeowner in Falmouth, ME:

Everything about the system has been working really well, and friends find it hard to believe that it can heat all our hot water (given that we do laundry every day).

Since the installation, I think my furnace has only run for a couple of hours during an extended cloudy spell.

I thought the crew were excellent – each and every one was professional and polite, and there was an interesting mix of personalities!

Edward Demetriou,
Falmouth, Maine

http://www.revisionenergy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/whitefield-maine-whitman-solar.jpgTestimonial from homeowner in Whitefield, ME:

“I looked around for a number of years at various companies that install or manufacture solar hot water systems, and came close to learning my lesson the hard way. I was thinking about having my local plumber install a system.

Fortunately, I got an estimate from ReVision Energy and decided to go with them even though they seemed more expensive. Boy, am I glad I did! The system is more complicated than one might think, and even during installation I could see several places where a local plumber might take a shortcut, or use an inferior product.

All solar installations are not created equal, and Re-Vision Energy is the kind of company you want to have install your system.”

Beth Whitman
Whitefield, Maine

gorham-maine-solar-stirlingTestimonial from homeowner in Gorham, ME:

I was impressed, start to finish, the with the great crew that you have and the professionalism all around -thanks to everyone!

The system works as designed and we hope to see it get its promised longevity. We love the environmental contribution we are making thanks to you guys.

Craig Stirling,
Gorham, Maine

Greene, Maine - Solar TestimonialTestimonial from homeowner in Greene, ME:

Your company has been the best. Starting with the speaker at the Common Ground Fair and ending with the completed installation, your company has been extremely knowledgeable, punctual, and professional.

The system is producing just as you predicted and the detailed information available through Enphase Energy makes it even more fun.

James Weston,
Greene, Maine

Springvale, Maine - Solar
Testimonial from homeowner in Springvale, ME:

We asked you to design a system to eliminate our electric bill.  Well, in a year we have been producing just over 100% of our needs!

GREAT JOB of engineering our PV System – we’re VERY happy!

Kev & Patty McKeon,
Springvale, Maine

Milan, New Hampshire - SolarTestimonial from homeowner in Milan, New Hampshire:

In less than a year we’ve prevented over 84,201 pounds of carbon from going into the atmosphere, significantly reduced our reliance on non-renewable energy–and have had many hours of scintillating entertainment watching the net meter run backwards (Ok, things are kind of slow here in Milan)!

Many people ask “when will your system pay for itself?” To which we reply, it started paying us back the day we turned it on because we know we’re doing our part to keep the earth alive.  Even though our government seems unwilling to reduce our carbon footprint, there’s much that we as individuals can do.

Brad and Rebecca
Milan, NH

Haverill, Massachusetts - Solar Power TesitmonialTestimonial from homeowner in Haverhill, Massachusetts:

“I am very pleased with the work done. Everyone very helpful and the crew cleaned up after themselves. My last month’s electric bill was just $7! I am so happy with my solar energy system that I am recommending your firm to others.”

- Deb Perry, Haverhill, MA

Falmouth, Maine - Solar Electric

To say I thrilled with the system would be a gross understatement! I've already saved money on my electric bill, and offset enough carbon to almost replace the trees that were cut down. It's amazing to me that all this wonderful energy has been sort of wasted all these years! The installers were great. Very professional, efficient, cognizant and careful of my chickens! I like being able to monitor my energy production online.

Thanks again for the great work!

Sally McIntyre
Falmouth, Maine

Sanford, Maine - Solar Power

I just wanted to thank you and your team again for the well done job installing our solar photovoltaic array.

After almost one year of planning and talking with companies like Revision Energy, to finally see our plan of generating our own electricity and reducing our dependency on fossil fuel supply resources is very satisfying.

It has been a pleasure and a learning experience working with all the friendly and professional staff at Revision Energy and we look forward to working with you in the future as we plan for the expansion of our system in the next 1-2 years.

Cliff & Anne Babkirk
Sanford, Maine

Kittery Point, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

We have been pleased with Revision Energy from our first encounter.

Will was thorough in examining our situation and explaining the various options to us. Jen was absolutely fantastic. She guided us expertly through the paper work for the solar rebates.

The installation crew was thorough, professional and courteous at all times patiently answering our questions and keeping us informed. We were impressed with how your installers completely cleaned up after themselves, leaving our house and yard spotless and hauling away our old equipment.

We are thrilled with our systems. Our first electric bill was only $20 for the month, and it was not a very sunny month! We haven't had to refill the oil tank yet and it certainly looks like the oil is lasting longer than usual. We are happy customers.

Ray & Mary

Norway, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

The knowledgeable, musical (yes, one of them sang while he worked!), motivated, and even horse-loving men worked like a championship team, getting the job done faster than I thought possible.

I now find myself drawn to studying the two electric meters on the back of my house. On a sunny day I stand and smile as "my" meter whizzes around clocking the power being generated on the roof. It is so satisfying to watch the CMP meter stand still while all systems are go, and even more satisfying to receive the monthly CMP statement!

The first question I get asked is about payback time for this system. My response is always the same: from the moment my system began producing power I felt paid back. I have taken a step to lessen Maine's fossil fuel consumption. The people at Revision Energy helped me from the start with clear and accurate project plans, costs, and rebates/incentives. All of my questions were answered completely, and I always felt I was in competent hands. For me, the final decision was easy, and I have never looked back.

Thank you to all the folks at Revision Energy for working toward saving the planet one solar panel at a time!

Nancy Hohmann
Norway, Maine

Waldoboro, Maine - Solar Hot Water

We have been impressed by the professionalism from start to finish with our solar hot water project, and the speed by which everything was accomplished.

From the original evaluation and proposal to the actual installment by the crew, we are most satisfied.

I have to say, it's been fun going into the basement to see much higher temperatures in the roof collector than I would have expected with 25 degree temperatures outside. So we continue to be very enthusiastic about the system. All works well so far!

Andy Lackoff
Waldoboro, Maine

South Freeport, Maine - Combo Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water

I couldn't be happier. Everyone from the initial phone call on through planning and installation was helpful, pleasant and efficient. I never had any doubt that each person knew their own role in the project, and often a whole lot more.

You were all easy to work with and ready to answer questions and provide thorough explanations at all times. Please thank the whole crew who worked so quickly on the installation!

Meredeth Winter
Freeport, Maine

Scarborough, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Our experience with all of you at ReVision has been totally positive. Jen is always responsive and prompt, and the installation crew are the most professional I've encountered in my 40 years as a homeowner. I hope more people will consider an installation like ours.

David and Linda Kirstein
Scarborough, Maine

Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Thanks Revision Energy! We love getting hot water from the sun. The installation looks fine on our old farm house. We appreciated the efficient and professional installation team.

Immediately following, the family descended for 2 weeks. We had 13 people living, showering, cooking and doing laundry here and the furnace didn't go on even once! Hooray!

Red and Louise Sullivan
Two Lights Rd., Cape Elizabeth

Woolwich, Maine - Tipton House Solar

Yesterday I was out cutting some siding and when I triggered my saw I noticed my electric meter stopped. I thought it was odd, went over to check it out and noticed that the electric meter was running backward from the solar electric panels.

That moment was worth every penny spent on this house. Thank you all.

Ben Tipton
Woolwich, Maine

Read more about Ben Tipton's Energy Efficient Home in Woolwich, Maine.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

Thank you, thank you. ReVision made my solar hot water system finally work. The original installers a year ago made at least a dozen mistakes and when called because of lack of hot water, actually made it worse!

The day after you fixed it, the water temperature went from 125 degrees to 165 degrees. We've turned off the backup electric element this summer and the solar is able to keep the water temperature above 140 degrees.

Heather Parker
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

ReVision later installed 3.4kw solar electric system on same house - see right of photo

Durham, New Hampshire - Solar Power

The crew was very professional and the installation and the system passed Durham's inspection with no problems - no easy feat in our town.

We just got a good spell of sunny weather and the system worked just as you predicted. I was impressed that by 7:30 am there was enough daylight in January for the system to turn on and start generating.

Jen provided great support with all the forms, etc. and because of your's and her help the dialogue with PSNH was quite simple. PENH installed a digital net meter around Jan. 13 and I received my rebate check by the end of January. February is off to a good start; I'm averaging about 13.5 kW per day for the first 8 days of Feb.

I can't imagine what June - August will look like !!"

Rob Clark
Durham, New Hampshire

Newmarket, New Hampshire - Solar Power

ReVision Energy has been great to work with. They brought us through the entire process from permitting to installing the system very smoothly and professionally.

Their communication throughout the process was phenomenal. The system was installed in only two days and went online this Earth Day. We are now proud and happy owners of a sun powered electrical plant right in our own home!

I would recommend Revision Energy to anyone. In fact my wife's parents are having a PV system installed at their house.

Joe Persechino
Newmarket, New Hampshire

Yarmouth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

We love our new solar hot water system. Our oil boiler has been literally shut off for a month! Even with a few cloudy weeks in July, there has been enough sun for plenty of hot water and we now take LONG hot showers!

Thanks for being so efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work guys.

The Jutras Family
Yarmouth, Maine

Belgrade, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

We purchased the PV system because it seems like the right thing to do and it sets an example for our daughter.

Andrea and I are already talking about when we might add more panels, especially if we get the plug-in rechargeable cars expected in 4-5 years.

Chris and Andrea Rhoda
Belgrade, Maine

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Milbridge, Maine - Solar Hot Water

We hoped adding attic insulation, a solar domestic hot water system, and a more efficient boiler would save on energy costs.

In fact, our oil consumption dropped from about 900 gallons previously to 464 gallons in 2007. During the late spring, summer and well into the fall, almost all of our domestic hot water comes from the solar system we installed.

Tom Gillen
Milbridge, Maine

Cumberland, Maine - 4KW Solar Power

Your crew did a great job: flat out an A+.

The panels are humming away!

We'd recommend you to any and everyone

KC Hughes - LT's Inc
Cumberland, Maine

Harpswell, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

Guys, I have to say that I'm VERY pleased with the performance of the system so far. Even with all the rainy days I think I ran my furnace twice right up until about two weeks ago. I had thrown the shut-off switch to the furnace a couple days after the install and then forgot all about it. I haven't paid much attention in the last couple weeks but on sunny days like today I'm getting 160+ degrees! Loving it!

Tim McCreight
Harpswell, Maine

New Durham, New Hampshire Solar Power

The crew that did the installation were all knowledgeable, courteous, respectful of our home, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. It was obvious they wanted to impress me with their performance and took the time to answer all my questions. It was almost like they had done this a hundred times!

David Munroe
New Durham, New Hampshire

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Lewiston, Maine - Solar Hot Water

"Your [crew] left here this morning after finishing their work and I must say that your employees Geoff, Erik, Chris and Dan are excellent workers, very courteous and professionals in every way.

I have been a public servant for most of my life and also owned and operated a small business for 17 years and I always said that in order to be successful one has to give service to his customers as they are the ones that pay the bills.

I am more than happy with their work and workmanship, they are truly an asset to your company."

Edward W. Samson
Lewiston, Maine

Orono, Maine- Solar Hot Water

I'm so happy with my solar water heater! My boiler hasn't come on once this summer to heat water (only to heat the house these COLD nights!). If there's anyone who would like to look at my installation, I'd be happy to show it to them. If I can help to get anybody else on board, I'd like help.

Cindy Carusi
Orono, Maine

Topsham, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Janet and I have been really pleased with the new system and with Revision Energy's service. You folks do an excellent job.

We tell all of our friends about how great it is to go solar and about how nice it is to work with the people at ReVision.

Damon Gannon
Topsham, Maine

South Portland, Maine - Solar Hot Water

Just wanted to let you know we've been enjoying our solar system. You didn't mention that watching the collector and tank temperatures changing, and watching for highs and lows, is entertaining!


Teg Glendon
South Portland, Maine

Commercial Customer Testimonials

Black Dog Car Wash - Dover, New Hampshire

ReVision was great to work with! They are passionate about their business, knowledgeable, priced competitively and completed our project on time and on budget. We will certainly be working with ReVision on future solar installations.

Jeremiah Gage, Owner
Black Dog Car Wash - Dover, Rochester, and Somersworth NH

LL Bean - Freeport, Maine

ReVision Energy installed a 180 evacuated tube solar hot water system. This system is designed to provide our retail store and coffee shop with hot water and to increase our overall energy efficiencies.

At the same time the solar hot water installation was being installed, ReVision Energy also upgraded our recirculation lines with new controls to limit the amount of times the pump runs, saving on electricity and wasted hot water circulation ... We never have to worry about anything, there is always hot water available at the tap, and it feels good to know that its primary heat source is solar energy.

The job was completed in a timely manner; the quality of the workmanship was great. This project required Davis Bacon Wage reporting, this information was provided without difficulty. The state reviewed the installation with staff from the EPA upon completion of the work, and the project passed with flying colors.

Laurie Brooks, Sr. Public Relations Representative
L.L.Bean, Inc. - Freeport, Maine

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Town of Dayton, Maine - Solar Electric

The crew that installed the solar panels at the Dayton Town Office worked during the hottest days we had all summer, I am not sure I could have worked on a roof in that heat. They did a great job.

It was a pleasure working with [Office Manager] Jennifer Hatch. Whenever I had a question she had an answer. Without her help I would still filling out the grant application.

Thanks to everyone at Revision Energy!

Jim Roberts
Town of Dayton, Maine

Oakhurst Dairy Solar Power

I am more than happy to serve as reference for ReVision Energy. Your team did a very professional job from start to finish. The system is performing exactly as advertised; we hope to use your services again in the future.

Stan Bennett, Owner
Oakhurst Dairy, Inc. - Waterville, Maine

Rupununi Restaurant - Bar Harbor

Our oil bill has been dramatically reduced since we put in the system. From an investment standpoint, solar hot water is a very wise one for restaurant owners. Usually you buy equipment and hope it lasts 5-10 years, and hope that the new piece increases efficiency enough to sort of pay its way. But with these solar panels, the savings have been obvious.

Michael Boland, Owner
Rupununi's Restaurant - Bar Harbor, Maine

Causeway Club - Southwest Harbor, Maine

As our high season draws to a close, I want to update you on the impressive performance of our solar pool system. To date, we have not had to supplement the pool with any LP gas. While the next seventeen days of operation may need a boost, I anticipate we will save $6,000 in heating costs this summer. Thank you very much.

Larry Hudgens
Causeway Club - Southwest Harbor, Maine

Beachmere Solar - Ogunquit, Maine

I just wanted to let you know that I have been able to do an analysis of oil gals. burned for the Beachmere South building for the Solar Thermal system. In June 2008 we saved 33% on oil gal. burned compared to June 2007 and 35% saved in gallons of oil burned in July 08 over July 07. I attribute that to the solar hot water system!

As of today, our PV system has generated 2302KWH and saved 3913lbs of CO2. Anyway, thanks again for your efforts in getting our solar hot water and solar electric systems up and running. We speak to all the guests about it on a regular basis.

Sarah Diment, Owner
Beachmere Inn - Ogunquit, Maine

NEWAIM Fiber Mill - Waldoboro, Maine

My monthly propane payment dropped by more than half thanks to our solar hot water system.

Even in the darkest part of winter, we still get a significant boost from solar. In the summer we are able to heat nearly all of our water using the sun!

Nancy Williams, Co-owner
NEWAIM Fiber Mill - Waldoboro, Maine