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ReVision Energy Newsletter – September 2014

Solar Energy Newsletter September 2014

In our newsletter we like to avoid talking about drought, ocean acidification, rising oceans and political gridlock surrounding climate change. Instead, we prefer to focus on solutions, and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) felt the same way in their latest report, Solar Power on the Rise. The themes found in the UCS report areRead the Rest…

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ReVision Energy Newsletter – August 2014


Maine: CMP’s Solar Tax is DEAD but Rate Hikes Coming for Everyone Maine’s PUC has voted unanimously to support a settlement which kills CMP’s anti-solar “standby charge.” This fee would have hiked the rates of solar customers by a minimum of $25/month to penalize them for generating their own electricity rather than buying regular gridRead the Rest…

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ReVision Energy Newsletter – July 2014

Solar Energy Newsletter July 2014

Retired Army Captain Marcus Therrien served in Iraq as a US Army Nurse, but those days seem long behind him now on a warm sunny day at his suburban home in Southern Maine. Marcus now works full-time for his own building company, Moss Cove Construction, Inc. (“The first time I’ve worked one job in myRead the Rest…

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ReVision Energy Newsletter – June 2014

Solar Energy Newsletter June 2014

“I’ve always wanted to go solar, but couldn’t make the numbers work for my budget.” Sound familiar? Well, now ReVision Energy has the solution for you: our new “Own Your Power” zero-down, 12-yr loan available for solar energy systems and other efficiency improvements. Effective immediately, ReVision Energy can offer financing up to $55,000 for qualifiedRead the Rest…

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ReVision Energy Newsletter – May 2014

Solar Energy Newsletter May 2014

Maine’s PUC is currently deliberating the CMP’s rate hike proposal, which has potentially serious negative effects on solar should it be approved. However, due to the passage of LD 1652 which instructs the PUC to research the value of solar, and the depth of testimony pointing out serious issues in CMP’s proposal, we are tentativelyRead the Rest…

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June 2013 ReVision Newsletter June 2013 Newsletter - As they approached retirement, electrical/mechnical engineer Mike Tabone and his wife Louise, took a look ahead at the future and tried to envision what they wanted their life to look like... [More]

May 2013 ReVision Newsletter May 2013 Newsletter - Visitors to Wells Reserve’s Ecology Center at historic Laudholm Farm are now greeted by an example of 21st century technology: a rooftop full of 142 grid-tied solar electric panels that provide most of the facility’s electric needs... [More]

April 2013 ReVision Newsletter April 2013 Newsletter - Two years ago we profiled Paul Ledman's near net-zero apartment building on Portland's East End. Ledman used a combination of 1) well-insulated building, 2) efficient mini-split heat pump heating, 3) solar hot water, and 4) solar electricity in his building... [More]

March 2013 ReVision Newsletter March 2013 Newsletter - Thank you to all the people who have believed in our mission and supported our business over the past 10 years. We are grateful to have persevered through many ups and downs, starting out with a few guys working in a backwoods shop and growing into three vibrant locations... [More]

February 2013 ReVision Newsletter February 2013 Newsletter - With a new year upon us, it’s time to revisit the solar energy incentive programs available to homeowners and businesses (and we’ll talk about why these are prudent investments for taxpayers in a moment). In summary, here are the major incentive programs available ... [More]

January 2013 ReVision Newsletter January 2013 Newsletter - The New York Times reports that "temperature differences between years are usually measured in fractions of a degree, but last year's 55.3 degree average demolished the previous record, set in 1998, by a full degree Fahrenheit." This staggering increase in average heat resulted in... [More]

December 2012 ReVision Newsletter December 2012 Newsletter - In mid-December, the State Theater in Portland sold out as climate change activist Bill McKibben, along with, and 350 Maine, took the stage with his "Do the Math" tour, a movement he calls "the last best chance to do something about this gathering [environmental] crisis."... [More]

November 2012 ReVision Newsletter November 2012 Newsletter - Thomas College and Colby-Sawyer College are excited about the large solar arrays being installed by ReVision Energy at zero upfront cost. The systems are being financed through power purchase agreements (PPA's), which enable schools and non-profits to acquire solar... [More]

October 2012 ReVision Newsletter October 2012 Newsletter - Nothing could be more quintessentially Maine than harvesting lobster, but Jim Merryman of Potts Harbor Lobster doesn’t think that means lobstering has to be stuck in the past. The Harpswell native has already made several energy efficiency investments... [More]

September 2012 ReVision Newsletter September 2012 Newsletter - The NH State Residential Photovoltaic Rebate has returned at up to $3,750 for photovoltaic systems. The 5kw cap on system size remains. The largest system you can design to meet the requirements is 20x 245watt panels or 19 X 260watt panels, both equalling a 4.9kw array... [More]

August 2012 ReVision Newsletter August 2012 Newsletter - Last year Rusty Mayberry, who describes himself as a 'technology guy,' helped his son Ian with a high school science project that launched their family's adventure into clean energy. "We built our own solar panel from raw materials online and tabbed the whole thing all together... [More]

July 2012 ReVision Newsletter July 2012 Newsletter - Strawberry pickers at Fairwinds Farm in Oxford, Maine, this late June were greeted with more than just beautiful summer weather and luscious berries: they had an opportunity to watch the installation of Maine’s first AllSun Solar Tracker! ... [More]

June 2012 ReVision Newsletter June 2012 Newsletter - Electric car fever has hit Portland! After years of speculation, development, and delays, a full suite of full and hybrid electric cars including the Chevy Volt, the Nissan LEAF, and the plug-in Prius are all shipping. Electric cars have tremendous promise – they are comfortable... [More]

May 2012 ReVision Newsletter May 2012 Newsletter - For most solar hot water projects, the Maine state rebate has increased from $1,000 to around $1,800. The new rebate calculations use a formula of $500 for each 1,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of modeled production of a system in its first year, with a cap of $2,000... [More]

April 2012 ReVision Newsletter April 2012 Newsletter - Don Fiske, a retired ship’s captain from the oil industry called us last week to report some odd behavior from his wife. "She's running around like a crazy lady," Fiske says, "She’s in her bathrobe looking at the inverter, seeing if we’ve used any power from CMP yet – and we haven’t!" [More]

March 2012 ReVision Newsletter March 2012 Newsletter - Domestic hot water is a hot commodity in The Flicks’ 5-person household, normally requiring hundreds of gallons of oil per year to ensure hot showers and clean laundry. At a solar site evaluation in late summer 2011, Pam Flick met with Revision Energy’s Will Kessler to learn how their home might harness sunshine to offset oil consumption and the associated emissions... [More]

January 2012 ReVision Newsletter January 2012 Newsletter - Meghan Simone is known for creating timeless wedding films at New England’s most gorgeous destinations ... Making her operation a little greener this year is a pole-mounted 3.7kw photovoltaic system installed be ReVision Energy just in time for the holidays... [More]

December 2011 ReVision Newsletter December 2011 Newsletter - Down the sleepy Bremen Rd you'll find Donald Born, who installed a 2.76kw grid-tied photovoltaic system on his barn in August 2010. Since then, he reports having nearly eliminated his electric bill ... [More]

November 2011 ReVision Newsletter November 2011 Newsletter - The Natural Resources Council of Maine have announced a citizen-lead initiative to require 20% of Maine’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources, and require utilities to invest in energy efficiency ... [More]

October 2011 ReVision Newsletter October 2011 Newsletter - This just in from the NH PUC – the residential solar electric (GTPV) rebate in New Hampshire has returned! The rebate, available for systems under 5kw in capacity, is $1.25 per watt, up to a maximum of $4,500... [More]

September 2011 ReVision Newsletter September 2011 Newsletter - Farming and gardening is, of course, the original use of solar power, but the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assocation (MOFGA) went the next step and installed the 21st century evolution: an 11.7kw solar photovoltaic array... [More]

August 2011 ReVision Newsletter August 2011 Newsletter - Fred Greenhalgh from ReVision has been out and about touring solar energy systems up and down the Maine and NH coasts, talking to people about solar and showcasing how they work. The result? A new web video series called The Solar Road Tour... [More]

July 2011 ReVision Newsletter July 2011 Newsletter - For over 100 years breathtaking views and refreshing mountain air have attracted travelers to Sunset Hill House, nestled in the heart of Franconia Notch and the White Mountains. ... [More]

June 2011 ReVision Newsletter June 2011 Newsletter - Tom Southworth’s commitment to sustainability runs deep. Since 1974 he’s owned and operated a water-powered sawmill in Lancaster, New Hampshire, around which he built ... [More]

May 2011 ReVision Newsletter May 2011 Newsletter - Long distances between our communities in ME and NH is a big part of what makes our two states among the most oil dependent in the nation. The good news is that the electric cars ... [More]

April 2011 ReVision Newsletter April 2011 Newsletter - Great news for Mainers ready to start kicking their oil habits – long-awaited PACE loans have arrived ... [More]

March 2011 ReVision Newsletter March 2011 Newsletter - Just as the days are growing longer and we're having sporadic warm weather, a recent spike in oil prices reminds us of the pressing need for local, clean renewable energy ... [More]

February 2011 ReVision Newsletter February 2011 Newsletter - It may be snowy out there, but the dedicated ReVision team continues to install solar energy systems throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Many of our customers report being pleasantly surprised at how well their systems function in winter ... [More]

January 2011 ReVision Newsletter January 2011 Newsletter - ReVision is excited to announce a fun new program to raise funds for local nonprofits. Check in for Charity with Center for WildlifeCalled "Check in for Charity," the concept is simple: go to our Facebook Page ... [More]

December 2010 ReVision Newsletter December 2010 Newsletter - Clean energy advocates in New Hampshire have two big reasons to be thankful this season – the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has announced an expansion of the solar hot water rebate available to homeowners and has released the application for their commercial solar ... [More]

November 2010 ReVision Newsletter November 2010 Newsletter - This year the solar industry in America hits an important milestone – the installed capacity of photovoltaic (PV) electric this year will double to near or above 1 Gigawatt (one billion watts). This rapid growth should make fans of clean air and green jobs breathe a sigh of relief ... [More]

October 2010 ReVision Newsletter October 2010 Newsletter - What defines a home? The materials it is made out of, or the human experiences that happen there? For Ian Weiss and Zofia Weiss, a home is a combination of both. In 2008, the husband of wife team, founders of locative Design Research Development, started on a journey to build a new home and office for themselves that would combine two different, but not antagonistic ideas ... [More]

September 2010 ReVision Newsletter September 2010 Newsletter - The New Hampshire PUC has announced its intention to reduce the state solar rebate from $3/watt, $6,000 maximum, to $1.5/watt, $3,000 maximum. The change is intended to both ensure the longevity of the solar rebate's fund, as well as to allow for new solar rebates for businesses, schools, and towns ... [More]

August 2010 ReVision Newsletter August 2010 Newsletter - The Granite State has already been a solar leader in New England with their generous $6,000 cash rebate for residential solar electric systems up to 5kw as well as an average $1,500 rebate for solar hot water. Now New Hampshire has taken the next step ... [More]

July 2010 ReVision Newsletter July 2010 Newsletter - Three things in life are now certain: death, taxes, and increased costs for energy. In mid-May, the Maine Public Utilities Commission approved CMP's proposal for a $1.4 billion improvement project on the electric grid. Just about a month later, on June 24, CMP announced their first rate hike ... [More]

June 2010 ReVision Newsletter June 2010 Newsletter - Sunshine gushes onto our rooftops and beaches... let's put this stuff to use and move away from catastrophic undersea oil as quickly as possible. In this short, cheeky video, we observe reactions by local residents and explore ways the solar spill could be put towards good use... [More]

May 2010 ReVision Newsletter May 2010 Newsletter - As of Earth Day 2010, New Hampshire now offers a state solar hot water rebate program, which averages $1,500 for a typical residential solar hot water system. This new state rebate is in addition to a 30% uncapped federal tax credit. The investment for a typical 4-person household looks like this... [More]

April 2010 ReVision Newsletter April 2010 Newsletter - @SolarFred, AKA Tor Valenza, is kick-starting the solar industry by declaring that April is National Solar Quote Month, and ReVision is here to support the effort. If you aren't in the process of getting a quote or installing a system, we encourage you to make April the month you choose to get started...[More]

March 2010 ReVision Newsletter March 2010 Newsletter - It's Time to File for the 30% Federal Tax Credit on 2009 Solar Installations! The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was greatly enhanced in February 2009 by the federal stimulus plan, which eliminated a $2,000 cap on the federal tax rebate for solar electric systems. The current federal tax credit for solar hot water and solar electric is 30%, with no upper limit....[More]

February 2010 ReVision Newsletter February 2010 Newsletter - Solar Hot Water a Great Investment - For Your Bottom Line AND the Environment. Wall Street Journal journalist Gwendolyn Bounds wrote a story on solar hot water for homeowners – what the technology is like, how it works, and the quite impressive economics of investing in solar hot water...[More]

January 2010 ReVision Newsletter January 2010 Newsletter - ReVision Energy is eager to greet the new year which has a lot of promising things happening in the solar industry, both locally and globally....[More]

November 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail November 2009 Newsletter - The 2009 Green Buildings Open House was a big success! 20 homes between ReVision Energy's two offices were excited to show off their installations to help educate others about renewable energy...[More]

September 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail September 2009 Newsletter - The price of solar electric panels in the global marketplace is dropping, and systems that were once out of reach are now a more affordable opportunity. For solar electricity, the most costly component of the system is the photovoltaic panels...[More]

August 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail August 2009 Newsletter - Instead of waiting until tax time, business owners are now able to receive a cash grant for solar energy systems in lieu of the 30% tax credit. The program is available for solar hot water and solar electric systems...[More]

July 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail July 2009 Newsletter - Efficiency Maine, a subset of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, reopened its rebate program on Monday June 29, 2009. This is a great opportunity for people who are considering a solar hot water or solar electric installation in 2009...[More]

June 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail June 2009 Newsletter - This summer solstice come out to celebrate sustainable living by attending ReVision Energy in Portland’s grand opening event! We just moved to Presumpscot Street and have been very busy setting up our workable showroom that highlights the systems we install...[More]

May 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail May 2009 Newsletter - The Maine Renewable Energy Sources Act is important legislation designed to stimulate the rapid growth of renewable energy in Maine. Developed by the Midcoast Green Collaborative, the Act closely models Germany’s renowned 'feed-in tariff' law, which financially incentivizes home and business owners to install renewable energy-based power generation... [More]

April 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail April 2009 Newsletter - Welcome to the ReVision Energy newsletter. As spring is finally here, we are delighted to see increasing hours of daylight to provide for greater solar potential! People are always asking, Is there really enough sun in Maine for solar to offset my energy needs? The answer is absolutely yes! Here's why...[More]

March 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail March 2009 Newsletter - Welcome to the March edition of the ReVision Energy Newsletter! This month we feature one of our first clients to have all three of our systems installed in their home, a glimpse of our completed Habitat for Humanity project and we also touch on our recent expansion into our neighboring New Hampshire![More]

February 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail February 2009 Newsletter - Welcome to the February installment of the ReVision Energy Newsletter! This month we feature two installations, tell you about our Lunch-N-Learn program. Learn how you can become a Renewable Energy Advocate, Our Upcoming Events and how Solar Investments are Best Bet in Down Economy! [More]

January 2009 Newsletter Thumbnail January 2009 Newsletter - Welcome to the ReVision Energy Newsletter! Every month you will see featured articles of installations that we’ve done, as well as articles of interest related to the renewable energy industry. This month we talk abou Installation at the York County Shelters in Alfred, Habitat for Humanity builds a "green" home, our history as a company and so much more. [More]

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