Residential Solar Panels and Solar Hot Water

5KW residential solar electric and solar hot water system, Freeport Maine

5KW solar electric (PV) system installed with an evacuated tube solar hot water system on a residence in Freeport, Maine

Solar energy costs have dropped to an all-time low and government financial incentives are stronger than ever, making it the perfect time to invest in a solar panels or solar hot water system.

Help get your house off fossil fuels and enjoy both environmental and financial benefits!

Ways to Use Solar on Your Home:

Current Rebates Include:

In Maine:

  • 30% federal tax credit for installing a solar electric (PV) system.
  • 30% federal tax credit (usually around $3000) for installing a solar hot water system.

In New Hampshire:

  • 30% federal tax credit and up to $3,750 cash state rebate installing a solar electric (PV) system.
  • 30% federal tax credit and average $1,500 state rebate for installing a solar hot water system.

More details on solar rebates for your home.

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Two Ways of Harnessing Solar Energy

There are two primary ways to collect solar energy for use in your home: solar hot water (solar thermal) and solar electricity (AKA solar electric panels, solar PV panels, photovoltaic power, or grid-tied PV).

Solar Electricity

Offset coal, gas, and oil power plants by using clean solar power instead

Falmouth, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

5KW of clean, solar electric panels installed on a boathouse in Falmouth, Maine.

Producing your own clean, renewable solar electricity is a great way to protect your household from rising energy costs while transitioning away from the massive CO2 emissions that come from America's coal and gas-fired power plants.

Grid-tied solar panels produce electricity when the sun is shining, allowing you to either use solar power in real time, or bank electricity as credits which you can use at night or during rainy days. Our systems are 'grid-tied' meaning they work without the use of batteries, interacting directly with the grid and requiring no moving parts. These proven, reliable systems will last more than 25 years, even in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts's rugged climate.

ReVision Energy provides licensed and NABCEP-certified design and installation of grid-tied solar power systems. This means that your project is completed quickly, courteously, and properly. We also make it as easy as possible for you to apply for federal and state rebates.

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Grid-tied PV Rules of Thumb

  • 1 kilowatt of installed PV panels will produce roughly 1,280 kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually.
  • 1 kilowatt of installed PV panels will generate roughly $205 of electricity annually @ $.16 kW/h.
  • 1 kilowatt of installed PV panels will offset roughly 1,700 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually.

Use our fun and flexible solar power calculator to see what some of the solar electric systems options are for your home.

Solar Hot Water

Take Refreshing Hot Showers Courtesy of the Sun

Bowdoinham, Maine - Tube Solar Hot Water

Evacuated tube solar hot water system installed on a home in Bowdoinham, Maine.

Using sunshine to produce hot water for showering, laundering and dish-washing is a practical way to make a positive impact on the environment while saving money at the same time. A typical residential solar domestic hot water system will eliminate more than 5,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually and can save more than 300 gallons of oil per year, depending on your current domestic hot water setup.

After 10 years of designing and installing over 1000 solar hot water systems in Maine and New Hampshire's challenging climate, we've distilled our knowledge and experience into a robust design that offers the highest efficiency and durability. ReVision Energy can tailor our time-tested, field-proven system designs to integrate with most existing water heating systems, whether it is gas, electric or oil-fired.

Solar Domestic Hot Water Rules of Thumb:

  • Each 20-tube collector array will generate roughly 15,000 BTUs of clean heat energy per day
  • Each 30-tube collector array will generate roughly 22,500 BTUs of clean heat energy per day
  • 1 gallon of home heating oil contains 139,000 BTUs of energy, but most oil boilers burn at roughly 75% efficiency in winter and 15% efficiency in summer to produce domestic hot water
  • 1 gallon of propane contains 91,000 BTUs of heat energy

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Newmarket, New Hampshire - Solar Power

I would recommend Revision Energy to anyone.

In fact, my wife's parents are having a PV system installed at their house!

Joe Persechino
Newmarket, New Hampshire

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