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With 3 locations and 65+ people strong, we are proud to be serving the solar energy needs of Northern New England. Learn more about the people who make solar happen:

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ReVision's Managing Partners

William Behrens, PhD


BIll Behrens - Co-founder ReVision Energy

BIll Behrens – Co-founder ReVision Energy

ReVision Energy co-founder Bill Behrens has more than 20 years’ experience in renewable energy systems design, installation and service. Bill earned a PhD in Environmental Economics and a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Upon completing his doctorate he taught briefly at Dartmouth before moving to Maine and entering the construction industry. He has been involved in the energy and construction fields for the last 30 years.  He is also an original co-founder of The Greenstore.

Bill has overseen the design and installation of hundreds of systems and thousands of kilowatts of PV over the last 20 years.  In his current role at ReVision Energy, he is the leader of our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) division which is bringing solar energy to nonprofits and municipalities throughout Northern New England.


  • Email: bill@revisionenergy.com

Bill’s Renewable Energy System

  • Bill’s home has radiant floors, a condensing gas boiler and a wood stove. His home recently got insulation upgrades, infiltration improvements, a boiler upgrade, and solar hot water to qualify it for the full Home Energy Savings Program by achieving a 50% reduction in energy costs. He also has a solar electric array.

Fortunat Mueller, P.E.


Fortunat Mueller - ReVision Energy

Fortunat Mueller, PE – Co-founder of ReVision Energy

Fortunat Mueller is a partner at ReVision Energy, with responsibilities including managing operations at the Portland shop and overseeing solar thermal and solar electric system design for both commercial and residential applications.

Fortunat received a Masters Degree in Mechanical engineering from Brown University with a concentration in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and is a licensed Professional Engineer and licensed solar thermal installer in Maine. Fortunat also serves on the board of directors of MABEP (Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals) and is a Captain on the North Yarmouth Volunteer Fire Department.

Before joining ReVision energy to start the Portland office in 2006, Fortunat was a project manager and senior systems engineer at United Technologies Fuel Cells in Hartford, CT.


Fortunat’s Solar Energy System

North Yarmouth, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar PowerFortunat’s home sports a 2.7kw grid-tied solar electric system, consisting of 12 SunPower SPR225 modules and a SPR3000x inverter. He aggressively monitors his home’s energy use with a TED meter and has reduced his energy loads so much that he expects the solar electric system to provide 100% of his electric needs.

He also has an Apricus AP60 solar hot water system. In the rare occasions when the solar system needs backup, he has a Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence boiler which serves both as an on demand water heater and as a backup heater. He heats primarily with a Hampton wood stove.

Phil Coupe

Phil Coupe, co-founder ReVision Energy

Phil Coupe, co-founder ReVision Energy


Phil is a managing partner of ReVision Energy, responsible for leadership in sales, marketing and strategic direction.

Prior to co-founding ReVision, he served as Vice President & Director of Corporate Philanthropy at a startup company in Washington, D.C. that received numerous awards for its socially responsible business initiatives to serve disadvantaged children and support organizations working on the front lines of society’s problems.

The D.C.-based startup twice made the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and continues to thrive today (along with two spin-offs that are also doing well). An active member of the local community, he serves as Chair of Maine Audubon’s corporate partner program, on the board and of the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) and Envision Maine, and is a long time mentor in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

Contact Phil Coupe:

Phil’s Renewable Energy System

Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Solar Hot WaterPhil’s house has an awning mount solar hot water system that provides all his domestic hot water from May through September. He uses a hyper-efficient Fujitsu 18,000 btu/hour air source pump for primary heating and cooling, with a small woodstove for backup heat.  He is one of the founding member/participants of Maine’s inaugural Community Solar Farm, and now derives 100% of his household’s electricity needs from the 51kw solar farm in South Paris, Maine.

ReVision's PPA Division

Steve Hinchman, Esq.

Director of Financing, PPA Division

Steve Hinchman Solar Financing ReVision Energy
Steve Hinchman with wife Debbie

Steve Hinchman brings to ReVision Energy more than forty years of legal and public policy experience, including 8 years of environmental reporting with Colorado’s High Country News, a tenure with the Southwestern Colorado Resource Advisory Council, six years with the Conservation Law Foundation in Maine and General Counsel of GridSolar, LLC.

A 2003 Graduate, Summa Cum Laude, of the Vermont Law School, Mr. Hinchman is admitted to the bar in Maine, the U.S. District Court of Maine, and the First and D.C. Circuit Courts of Appeals, and has participated in cases before the Second and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals. Mr. Hinchman has also practiced before the Maine Board of Environmental Protection, the Land Use Regulatory Commission, the Maine Ethics Commission, and the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committees on Natural Resources and Energy and Utilities.

At ReVision, Steven Hinchman will be utilize his legal and grant writing experience to secure financing solutions for solar energy projects throughout the Northeast. He is currently weatherizing his 1830s-era farmhouse, room by room – replacing birch bark with tyvek and filing voids with foam and fiberglass insulation.

Steve Hinchman’s Renewable Energy System

In November, 2012, Steve Hinchman had ReVision install a 6.2kw grid-tied photovoltaic system for his home. Steve says of the installation, “In a historic house where everything is crooked and every system has its quirks, the solar array is the one thing that is square and works trouble-free!”


  • Email: steveh@revisionenergy.com

Sam Lavallee

PPA Program Manager, Portland, ME

Sam Lavallee - Solar PPA Division ManagerSam was born and raised in central Maine, where he developed a love for outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, swimming and kayaking as well as team sports such as soccer and basketball. His father, an engineer for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, taught him the value of our planet and the importance of minimizing our impact on it.

Sam’s environmentalist roots continued to grow as he moved to Vermont to study economics at the University of Vermont. Sam spent a summer as an intern building a carbon footprint for a business that was trying to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, wrote a number of articles in the campus newspaper related to climate change, and wrote a thesis related to the impact of various businesses on the environment and how environmental externatilities could be included in the price of goods through government regulation.

After graduating from college, Sam moved to the New York City metro area where he worked for a solar integrator for 5 years in finance and business operations before deciding to move back closer to his roots in Maine. Sam currently lives in Portland where he enjoys hiking & camping, basketball and cooking.

Jack Ruderman

Director of Community Initiatives

Jack Ruderman, Director of Community Solar Initiatives NH

Jack Ruderman skiing at Jiminy Peak in Massachusetts

Jack Ruderman joins ReVision Energy to lead our Community Solar Initiatives, an ambitious effort to solarize municipalities, nonprofits, and schools throughout the Granite State, as well as organize the development of community solar farms.

He previously served as Director of the Sustainable Energy Division of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, where he was responsible for administering the state’s Renewable Energy Fund. Trained as a lawyer, he practiced criminal law for six years, and then joined the staff of New Hampshire’s Office of Energy and Planning. Over the course of twelve years there, he served as a Program Manager, Director of Renewable Energy and Efficiency Programs, Deputy Director and Acting Director.

He holds a B.A. in political science from Tufts University and a J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law.

ReVision's Portland, ME Branch

Joe Maisonave

Solar Design Specialist

Joe Maisonave Solar Installer ReVision EnergyJoe at Popham Beach with his family of dogs – from left, Izobel, Booba, and Frenchie.

Joe’s a graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a degree in Forest Engineering. Prior to joining ReVision, he lived and worked in Queens, New York, managing the remediation activities for gasoline and fuel oil spills in the five boroughs of New York City.

He figured the best way to prevent gasoline and fuel oil spills from occurring is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels altogether. In 2010, he was excited to move away from the big city to join our solar team and to enjoy the good life up in Maine. He has since worked on a project manager for many residential and commercial PV installs before moving on to oversee the growth of ReVision’s air source heat pump division.  He also works as a comprehensive solar design specialist offering the ideal

Joe loves playing music, hiking, skiing, and spending time with his fiance Sophia, baby Jemma and his dogs.

Joe’s Renewable Energy System

Joe Maisonave Solar Home ProjectJoe and his fiance, Sophia, purchased their first home in Portland and have done some major energy efficiency upgrades to nearly eliminate their fossil fuel consumption.

Their New England Cape is now well insulated and heated solely with a wood burning stove, which replaced their oversized and inefficient oil boiler. His flat plate solar hot water system provides all of his hot water needs for about half of the year with the electric backup to get through the rest. A 4 kilowatt PV array completes his energy needs as he builds credits all summer long to use through the winter months. His energy costs are now less than a third of what they were when he moved in.

Jennifer Hatch

Jen Hatch representing ReVision Energy

Marketing & Office Manager

Since joining ReVision Energy in 2006, Jen has earned her state installer certifications for both solar thermal and grid-tied photovoltaic systems.

She has become one of the state’s most capable experts when it comes to navigating the myriad paperwork and eligibility requirements for solar projects to qualify for government financial incentives. She is also adept at ensuring that ReVision Energy’s projects meet all local code and permitting requirements, as well as OSHA safety and compliance standards.

When she’s not working, Jen is either skiing or running depending on the season. She is also working to integrate her passion for skiing with her desire to act as a positive role model to young people by creating a non profit organization called Climbing Mountains.


Geoff Sparrow, P.E.

Geoff Sparrow - PE Solar Engineer
Geoff Sparrow, PE, with wife Meg, daughter Etta and dog Lizzie

Director of Engineering
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer ™, NABCEP Certified Solar Thermal Installer ™

Geoff is one of the most experienced solar professionals in Maine, having designed and installed hundreds of commercial and residential systems.

After graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, Geoff worked for one of the largest mechanical contracting companies in southern Maine before starting his own small business focused on commercial and residential construction and handyman services.

Since joining ReVision Energy in 2006, Geoff has earned his solar thermal and photovoltaic installers licenses from the state of Maine and has become NABCEP certified in both photovoltaics and solar thermal—he is the only person in the state to hold both certifications. Geoff is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Maine, and practices both mechanical and electrical engineering.

When Geoff is not busy engineering systems for ReVision Energy, he is enjoying the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and spending time with his family.


  • Email: geoff@revisionenergy.com

Geoff’s Renewable Energy System

Geoff Sparrow Solar Energy SystemGeoff lives in a well-insulated home (R30 walls) with a robust, 90 evacuated tube solar hot water array that provides 90% of his year-round domestic water supply and a portion of his space heating needs.

He primarily heats with wood, with a resistive electric boiler as backup.

He recently added a solar photovoltaic array to completely offset his home’s carbon needs!

Daniel Leonard

Project Supervisor & Operations Manager

Dan Leonard, Project Supervisor PortlandDan started working ReVision in 2004 at the Liberty branch, when we were still Energyworks. Bringing lots of professional experience in plumbing with him, Dan started as an intern/shop guy and rapidly grew into a project manager. He moved to Portland to begin growing our new branch just a few short years later.

Dan is licensed and knowledgeable in multiple trades including electrical, plumbing, and solid fuels. He is licensed in natural and LP gas, is a Master Plumber and is a certified solar thermal installer. Dan juggles a number of key responsibilities at ReVision, including project scheduling, installations, and customer service.

When Dan is not working for ReVision or on his new home, he spends his time with his fiance Clara and their two dogs Whiskey and Porter. Dan and Clara enjoy touring around the city on their motorcycles and visiting family in Liberty.

Fun fact: Dan received a black belt in karate at 17 while assisting and teaching classes to children and adults. He recently starting learning and performing as a professional wrestler


Dan’s Renewable Energy System

Dan Leonard Solar Energy System

Dan Leonard’s home uses a natural gas boiler, air source heat pump and solar hot water for heating and domestic hot water supply.

The evacuated tube system provides nearly 100% of his hot water from May to September and roughly 40% the rest of the year.

The natural gas boiler is modulating, meaning it can provide just enough heat to raise the temperature from the solar pre-heated water to shower temperatures, rather than firing at 100% of its capacity.  The heat pump is able to extract heat out of ambient air temperatures as low as -10F to heat the home.  Dan hopes to add solar electricity either to his home or through a Community Solar Farm so he can make that heat pump be solar powered!

Fred Greenhalgh

Digital Marketing Manager

Fred, Amy, Nyana with Solar Panels

Fred, wife Amy, daughter Nyana in front of solar electric array in Lesotho, Africa

Hailing from Downeast Maine, Fred completed his studies at USM in 2006 with a focus on Media Studies. Fred’s a passionate writer, as well as an audio producer, and since 2007 has been running a radio show called Radio Drama Revival at community station WMPG. He also produces his own fiction stories as audio plays with his award-winning FinalRune Productions.

Since joining ReVision Energy in 2010, he has had the joy of using his new media skills to promote the sound economic and environmental return on investment of solar energy.  He is also committed to sustainability and simple living in his own life.

He and his wife Amy, their daughter Nyana, dog Henry, 28+ chickens, goats, and seasonally-varying cast of other critters live on an action-packed 4 acre off-grid homestead in Alfred, Maine.

Fred and Amy built their cozy yurt-inspired SIP-house themselves, and can attest to the wonders of insulation (over 20°? who needs heat?).  They recently traveled to Lesotho (in Southern Africa) to install solar panels on a community hall, where it will help bring educational activities to a remote area of the world (they lived in a round house while there, too).

In addition to living sustainably, Fred and Amy are passionate about environmental conservation and serve on the Town of Alfred’s Conservation Commission.


Fred’s Renewable Energy System

Alfred Maine off grid solarFred and Amy’s off-grid home contains a super-efficient audio post-production facility which can pump out quality productions for less than 2kw/hr of power a day! Meeting this modest electric load is a 750W solar electric array cobbled together from ReVision’s scratch and dent bin.  They have a rarely-used gasoline generator as backup.

The Winter Panel SIP home uses around a 1/2 cord of firewood a year, most of which is harvested from their own land.  They have not fired up their propane back-up heater since 2010.

Finally, they have a DC-powered Solene Aurora solar hot water collector, completing the suite of renewable energy systems.

John Capron

PV Project Supervisor
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer ™, Maine PV Installer Certification

John Capron, PV Project ManagerJohn started with ReVision Energy in 2007 as part of the installation crew. He is now one of our project supervisors and training liaisons based out of the Portland office. John is a native of Foxboro, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BS in Administration and a Studio Art minor.

Prior to joining the renewable energy field, John spent 18 years in the film and TV production industry. Seeing the wasted resources created from that industry was one of the reasons he opted for a new career. John was a producer in a number of documentaries. You can view two pieces of his work online, Firewoman and Hairdo made for WGBH in Boston: http://lab.wgbh.org/archive/lab-specials. John often lends his camera skills to ReVision and takes many of our gallery and project photos.

John lives on a homestead in Bowdoinham with an ever changing cast of family and friends. On his roof is a 40 tube solar hot water collector array providing domestic hot water for his home. There is solar powered lighting for the farm’s outhouse.

His preferred forms of transportation include sailboat, his diesel grease car, and his motorcycle, in that order.


  • johnc@revisionenergy.com

John’s Renewable Energy System

John’s home features 40 evacuated tube solar hot water array with electric back up. His home is heated exclusively with wood.

Josh Baston

PV Project Manager
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer ™

Josh Baston, Project Manager Portland
Josh Baston enjoying a hiking trip.

Josh Baston grew up in Midcoast Maine and joined Revision Energy in the summer of 2008. He is now a project manager focusing on design and installation of photovoltaic systems. He’s also the primary innovator behind our solar data monitoring options.

Josh graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in geology, and spent several years working in the environmental science field before deciding that he was able to make a far greater impact on the environment through renewable energy.

Josh’s interests outside of work include sustainable farming (he has spent a year farming in the US and New Zealand through the WWOOFer program) and many outdoor activities – most notably backpacking and rock climbing. Josh has a great affinity for wood heating, which is one of New England’s best resources along with ample solar!

Josh’s Renewable Energy System

Josh Baston Solar Electric Josh recently bought a duplex on Portland’s Munjoy Hill and wasted no time in setting up a 860W Sunpower solar electric system, which in a few months of operation has already produced 241 kWh!

Future plans include solar hot water to meet the domestic hot water needs of both units, a renewable energy heating system, and some urban homesteading (did you know you can have up to 4 chickens in Portland?).

Erik Mitchell

Solar Thermal Project Manager

Erik Mitchell, Solar Installer Portland Branch OfficeErik and his chocolate lab, Fozzie.

Erik Mitchell is a certified solar energy installer in the state of Maine and a Project Manager in the Solar Thermal division in Portland. Since joining ReVision in 2008, he’s installed hundreds of solar thermal systems with the help of some fantastic coworkers.

Erik says “the smell of burning fossil fuels makes me sick,” which makes him proud to be part of Maine and New Hampshire’s clean energy future.

Erik currently resides at his home in Brunswick, Maine with his wife Mercedes and chocolate Lab named Fozzie. They currently heat their hot water with two flat plate solar hot water collectors and heat their home with a wood stove and Fujitsu multi split air source heat pump. There are plans in the near future to add some photovoltaics to the mix as well!

When not working, he enjoys being on his boat in the summer and on his snowboard in the winter.

Fun fact – prior to joining ReVision, Erik worked on tugboats in New York City!


  • Email: erik@revisionenergy.com

Josh Rollson

Warehouse Manager

Josh Rollson, Shop Manager Portland
Josh Rollson – Go-to guy in Portland, musician, and part-time philosophizicater.

Josh grew up in Vermont in the construction trades, learning post and beam and log home construction and passive solar. After graduating from Goddard College with a BA in Philosophy, he married then spent time with his wife traveling the United States, living in New Mexico, Boston, and eventually moving to Maine. He reports local papers read “Full time artist and musician moves to the sticks and gets a real job saving the planet.”

Josh joined ReVision in the summer of 2008, starting as an installer until it became clear that his can do attitude and organizational skills made him an ideal candidate for “shop guy.” Now he handles purchasing and inventory for the Portland office, along with anything else that needs getting done.

When not working for ReVision, Josh splits his time between raising his daughter Duende with his wife Rachael, and working for Guitar Doors, a non profit that provides music programming to incarcerated individuals within the Maine Correctional System. In whatever time that’s left he makes music, art, and philosophizes.


  • Email: joshr@revisionenergy.com

Nate Bowie

Solar Design Specialist/Safety Coordinator

Nate Bowie, Solar Thermal Project Manager/Safety Coordinator
Nate Bowie and his daughter, Sage.

Native Mainer Nate Bowie graduated from UVM with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. After college his dream of being paid to ski and save lives in the process lead him to Mammoth Lakes, California, where he took a job as a Pro Ski Patroller. While in California he started a firewood business, but ultimately decided to return to Maine to be closer to home and join the solar industry.

Since joining ReVision in 2010 Nate has earned his Maine Solar Thermal Installer Certification and moved up to be a Project Manager on our Portland-base solar hot water crew. Nate has also stepped up to be ReVision’s dedicated Safety Coordinator, work that involves continuing ReVision’s safety-conscious company culture as we grow and ensuring our compliance with OSHA and other relevant regulations.

Nate lives in Windham near plenty of lakes where he sates his fly fishing addiction. While not fishing or installing solar, he loves skiing, taking things apart and putting them back together, wielding a chainsaw, and spending time with his wife, Kim, daughter, Sageand dog, Trout.


  • Email: nate@revisionenergy.com

Andrew Melrose

Solar Installer

Andrew Melrose, Solar Installer - Portland, ME
Andrew at the helm of a Beechcraft Sport.

Andrew holds a BA in Geography and Anthropology from USM. Prior to his work at ReVision he worked at the Portland Jetport for United Airlines as a ticket agent, as well as for a roofing and carpentry company. While at USM he became interested in the solar field, and hoped to apply the skills he gained while in general construction towards a career in renewable energy – which he has since joining our team in 2010.

Andrew is a go-to part of our solar thermal installation crew, and says he loves solar thermal because “It always presents new challenges and no two jobs are ever exactly the same.”

Outside of his life in solar, Andrew holds a deep love of aviation. He’s flown single engine airplanes since he was 16 and obtained his pilot’s license at 17. He holds an Instrument Rating and is also licensed in seaplanes. He is currently attending a flight school at the Augusta State Airport to obtain his flight instructor certificate. He’s flown aircraft ranging from a Skyhawk Seaplanes to a 1940’s Piper Cub. He also likes aviation museums and other aviation history, and hopes to own his own airplane someday.

Chris Blaisdell

Master Plumber, Maine Solar Thermal Installer Certification

Chris Blaisdell, Master Plumber & Solar Thermal Installer
Chris Blaisdell enjoying some summer sun on the coast of Maine.

A licensed Master Plumber since 1985, Chris Blaisdell has been a core part of our solar hot water installation team since joining us in 2006. Prior to ReVision, Chris has extensive experience in both residential and commercial plumbing & heating as well as the experience of having owned a contracting business for the previous 10 years.

Chris and his wife, Amy, were cofounders of Maine’s first CoHousing community, Two Echo CoHousing in Brunswick, Maine, where they still live.

Two Echo is a multi-generational clustered country neighborhood located in the midst of a 90-acre parcel of woods and meadows, roughly 70 acres of which are under conservation easement. The community sports a “common house” with a meeting/dining area and kitchen big enough to prepare meals for community get-togethers, a recreation room with games and a craft center, and overnight guest accommodations.

Chris continues to serve on multiple Two Echo committees helping to manage different areas of the resident-run community.

Dave Ragsdale

Master Plumber

Dave Ragsdale, Master Plumber Portland, ME
Dave Ragsdale rocks out with the band King Memphis.

Dave calls himself a “plumber, drummer, and gee-tar strummer,” with 8 years experience as a Master Plumber and a lifetime as a musician. A Philadelphia native, Dave came to the Portland area through USM, where he graduated in 1998 with a History degree.

Today Dave is a core member of our solar hot water team, working on residential and commercial projects as the rigors of the work demands. Outside of the solar life, Dave spends time with his 2 year old daughter and plays drums for the rockabilly band King Memphis, who he’s gigged with for 7 years.

Brandon Bernard

Solar Design Specialist

Brandon Bernard with wife Cathy, sons Henry (left) and Leo (right)

Brandon Bernard with wife Cathy, sons Henry (left) and Leo (right)

Brandon Bernard grew up in Lisbon Falls, ME and graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Union College in Schenectady, NY. He spent his years after college working in education, leading outdoor education lessons, and working one-on-one with children with developmental delays and behavioral challenges. He did home remodeling and renovations with Everything Home LLC for 2 years, before joining the ReVision Energy team in 2011.

Brandon’s positive attitude, hard-working ethic and creative problem solving has made him a great addition to the ReVision team.  After several years project managing solar electric installations, he joins our sales team as a solar design specialist to help homeowners and businesses throughout Maine better understand the advantages of going solar.

Brandon and his wife Cathy, sons Henry and Leo, and dog Chester, take advantage of the many trails, beaches, parks and preserves of South Portland and Cape Elizabeth. They enjoy time apple picking, sledding, and gardening. Brandon has added close to one hundred bags of cellulose to his 90-year-old house and is in the middle of many other projects including new wiring throughout and air sealing. He hopes to wrap up his current work, sell the house, then install solar on his new one.

Christine Puopolo

Christine Puopolo - Portland Office and Digital Marketing Assistant

Office and Digital Marketing Assistant

A native of Georgetown, Massachusetts, Christine spent much of her life outdoors, resulting in her love for rock climbing, surfing, hiking and running.

While studying Graphic Design at Roger Williams University, Christine developed her interests in travel and anthropology by studying abroad in Italy and traveling through Europe. In addition, she pursued her love for environmental causes through volunteering with local non-profits and building a campus-wide sustainability initiative at RWU.

After graduation, she continued on with sustainability by teaching children about renewable energy and environmental stewardship at Chewonki’s summer program in Maine, and worked in a marketing and graphic design role with a construction company. She brings a wide range of technical skills and passion to her role, and is very excited to be working with the team at ReVision!

Karen Sonstrom

Solar Design Professional, Portland, ME

Karen Sonstrom - Solar Professional Portland Maine

Karen on a ReVision Energy customer rooftop

We’re pleased to welcome Karen to our growing design and sales team based in Portland, Maine. Hailing from Connecticut, Karen went to school at the University of Delaware and has lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the UK. She is thrilled be living stateside again and says “Maine feels like home.”

Her interest in sustainability and renewable energy began in college. Her degree in civil engineering, but in college she says, “we spent very little time talking about or learning about the environmental effects of our designs. I felt that the curriculum lacked a more holistic approach to engineering – so I followed my curiosity and a passion for renewable energy was born.”

Prior to joining ReVision, Karen worked at Iberdrola Renewables on commercial wind projects in a civil engineering and project management role. She’s eager to move into the hands-on role of design and sales in residential and commercial solar. “I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our work for individual homeowners and the impacts it has,” she says.

Karen lives with her husband Bernardo in Portland. Their active life involves hiking, practicing & teaching yoga, climbing (a handy skill if your work involves getting on roofs), and traveling – especially to Bernardo’s home country of Spain.

Ben Rubins

Solar Installer

Ben Rubins, Solar Warehouse Assistant Portland MERaised in the Portland area, Ben spent a lot of time outdoors and this love of the outdoors continues through today. His involvement in Boy Scouts as a young person, eventually becoming an Eagle Scout, continued him on the path of learning outdoors skills and spending time at Acadia National Park, Baxter State Park, and others.

In his early teens, he was introduced to sailing and was very taken by being on the water and the competitive sport of sailing. Until high school, Ben spent summers training for and racing small sailboats. His college career took him to South Carolina where he was a member of the top 20 nationally ranked College of Charleston sailing team, spent a semester abroad in Spain and traveled through Europe (as well earning a degree in Spanish). He enjoys spending time cycling, hiking, sailing, and cooking locally grown good.

In the recent past, Ben was an Outdoor Classroom instructor at The Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine, teaching students ecology lessons and outdoor skills, facilitating group challenges, and leading extended wilderness trips on the rocky coast of Maine and in Baxter State Park. After Chewonki, he worked as a solar installer in the Southern Maine area and also worked for our sister company, Revision Heat. Ben was also recently involved with SailMaine, co-coaching the Falmouth high school sailing team and helping to lead them to three-peat as Maine State Champions, State Women’s Champions, and to hold their own against the talented New England field.

Ben’s role at Revision Energy includes some inventory and warehouse managing, vehicle fleet management, and occasionally getting on a roof to install. He and his wife, Abby, are working on insulation, solarizing, and heat pump-ifying their home in Portland to make it near net-zero!

Matt Bush

Solar Installer/Project Manager

Matt Bush - Solar Project ManagerMatt came to ReVision after several years living in the southwest, where he worked as a master gardener at a nonprofit developing sustainable plans for dryland farming in the high desert of New Mexico and as a blacksmith. Matt is a certified welder and earned a degree in Welding Technologies. He worked using modern and traditional metalwork techniques for an architect designing and installing custom components for residencies and large-scale sculptures for private and commercial clients. He also worked with a company that specializes in making high end architectural features from non ferrous metals.

Matthew joined ReVision Energy in the summer of 2011, initially as an installer for our crew, where he’s worked his way up to the role as Project Manager (PM). As a PM, he oversees the onsite coordination of solar installation projects, guiding jobs from the design phase to a final, functioning solar energy system and educating customers about how their systems work.

Matt grew up in Vermont on a homestead, where his interest in sustainable living began. He now lives in Portland with his wife, daughter, Old English Sheepdog, and two cats. When Matt is not working, he enjoys gardening, hiking, camping, and renovating his hundred year old home. Since moving in, he’s been bringing this old structure up to today’s energy efficiency standards. His plans include continuing to add insulation and complete upgrades for future solar expansion, including remodeling the south facing roof for optimal solar performance . So far, he has reduced his home’s electrical usage by over fifty percent!

Gifford Jenkins-Davis

Gifford Jenkins Davis

Gifford with kids, Darien and Marina.

Solar Installer

Gifford joins ReVision Energy as an NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional with previous experience working in solar and the trades.  He has been based in Maine since moving here from New Jersey in 2000.

He holds and Associate’s Degree in in Applied Science Degree (Electromechanical Technology) from Central Maine Community College and is a Maine Master Electrician.  He works on our Portland PV Installation team, bringing his positive can-do attitude to rockin’ solar installations on commercial and residential jobsites throughout Southern Maine.

Outside of work, he enjoys soccer, tennis, skiing, hiking, chess and home improvement projects.  He lives in Lisbon Falls with his wife Monica and kids Darien and Marina.

ReVision's Liberty, ME Branch

John Luft

Liberty Branch Manager
Maine Solar Thermal Installer Certification

John Luft, General Manager of Liberty Branch
John Luft and Family

John is the general manager of the Liberty shop. John started out with the company when it was Energyworks doing solar thermal installations back in 2004. Since then he has installed, designed and managed hundreds of residential and commercial solar thermal projects. John has a B.S. from Unity College.

John resides in an off-grid solar home that he and his wife JoAnna built. When John is not busy keeping up with the demand for solar projects, he is found spending time with his family, playing his guitar, bicycling, fishing, and working in the woods with his two sons.


Hans Albee

Solar Energy System Designer

Hans Albee Solar Designer MaineBefore joining the ReVision Energy crew in Liberty in July of 2007, Hans worked for three years as an electrician at Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine, where he designed and installed marine navigation and communication systems.

Hans discovered his love of traditionally built and rigged boats while growing up at Chewonki in Wiscasset, Maine, a non-profit educational foundation. For seven seasons, he worked as a deckhand on the American Eagle and Angelique, two windjammers based in mid-coast Maine.

Hans attended the Mountain School in Vershire, Vermont, followed by Phillips Exeter Academy and Dartmouth College, where he earned a B.A. and B.E., specializing in mechanical engineering. While not studying, Hans was a lightweight oarsman at Dartmouth, and had the opportunity to compete twice at the Henley Royal Regatta in Henley-on-Thames, England.

In 2005, while visiting the captain and crew on Angelique, Hans met his future wife, Jennifer. They married at her parents’ home in Jefferson, Maine, in September of 2007. Jennifer also works for ReVision Energy as the office manager and marketing coordinator at the Liberty shop. They welcomed a son, Turner, in 2012.

In his spare time, Hans enjoys cutting wood, growing food, reading, skiing, and rowing. He looks forward to building his own sailboat in the near future, based on the designs of Captain Havilah Hawkins, Jr.



Hans’s Renewable Energy System

In 2010, Hans installed a 40-evacuated tube solar hot water system to supplement his home’s Rinnai on-demand propane hot water heater. In addition to solar hot water, the Albees have also insulated their attic and basement and have a 3.3 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric array.

Jennifer Jackson Albee

Customer Relations Manager

Jennifer Jackson Albee Solar Customer Relationsh Manager

Born in Portland and raised in Jefferson, Jen is a seventh-generation Mainer! A love of the environment started early with her first job harvesting vegetables at an organic farm in Jefferson and selling them at a small farm market in Round Pond. Jen is a graduate of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH, a Waldorf boarding high school, and Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass.

Since joining ReVision in 2007, Jen has managed the office and marketing efforts at our Liberty, Maine branch. Generally speaking, she’s your go-to girl for everything solar!

Jen enjoys singing in the choir at church, baking breads and desserts, hosting Friday night homemade pizza dinners, and watching BBC dramas/miniseries. Bliss is a glass of red wine and a good book, or outdoor pursuits such as a morning kayak on Damariscotta Lake or sailing across Penobscot Bay. She’s been married to ReVision Project Manager Hans Albee since 2007 and hopes to one day travel to Norway and Ireland. They live with their son Turner in Brooks, ME.


Jen’s Renewable Energy System

In 2010, Jen and her husband Hans installed a 40-evacuated tube solar hot water system to supplement their Rinnai on-demand propane hot water heater. In addition to solar hot water, the Albees have also insulated their attic and basement and have a 3.3 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric array.

Brett Irving

Shop Manager

Brett Irving Shop Manager, Liberty<br />Office
Brett gets out of the shop and enjoys some sunshine in Camden, Maine.

For the last two years, Brett has been the shop manager in Liberty, where he keeps equipment in stock, trucks on the road and maintains the shop and grounds. His most recent project has been sprucing up the building by planting various perennials from his farm.

Brett grew up in Casco along Thomas Pond, but has been settled in Waldo County since graduating from Unity College eight years ago.
Brett, his wife Jennifer (the executive director of Sebasticook Regional Land Trust) and their son Elijah live on a 24 acre farm in Troy. They currently have thirteen goats (the latest three kids were born just last week, Lola, Ellie Mae and Frankie Lee), a donkey named Rudy and several chickens on the way for fall harvest.

A person of endless energy, Brett is one of those people who never seems to stop moving – he’s always engaged in one project or another. When asked what he does for fun, his answer is that of a good Mainer: “Work is fun.”


  • Email: brett@revisionenergy.com

Ryan Herz

PV Project Manager
Master Electrician, Maine PV Installer Certification

Ryan Herz Master Electrician ReVision Energy

Ryan is a Maine native, with a hearty background in construction and trade work. After receiving an Associates degree in Electrical Power and Automation Technology with honors from Eastern Maine Community College, he stayed in Maine to work in industry and for an electrical contractor.

Since joining ReVision Energy in 2005, Ryan has installed hundreds of grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaic systems throughout Maine and New Hampshire, with systems ranging from 1Kw to 41Kw. He recently received his Master Electrician’s License.

When not working Ryan loves the outdoors – gardening, camping, skiing, fishing, hiking, metal runner sledding, and other seasonal activities.

Brian Byrne

PV Project Manager

Brian Byrne Liberty Solar Designer Installer

Brian’s story in Maine started with a 1998 trek up the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. In his own words, he made the trip, and “hasn’t left yet.”

Since attaining a BS in Ecology in Unity College, he’s worked many interesting jobs including whitewater rafting guide, substitute teacher, partner on an organic farm, electrician and employeee for National Audubon. Since joining ReVision in 2008 he’s become a vital part of our Liberty shop’s photovoltaic installation team, putting his deep electricial knowledge to work as well as his good humor and team player attitude.

Like most of us, Brian has a deep love of the environment and gets out in all four seasons – canoeing, rafting, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, farming and gardening.  He lives in Central Maine with his wonderful wife Erin and son William.

Dennis Rumba

Solar Installer, NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam

Dennis Rumba, Solar Installer - Liberty, ME
Dennis holds a 5lb bass caught by girlfriend Becky at Quantababcook Lake.

Born in Rockport, Maine, Dennis grew up in southwestern New Hampshire before coming back to Maine to study at Unity College, where he graduated in 2000. Prior to joining ReVision he worked for 10 years as a stonemason throughout the Northeast, including New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. Dennis is also a Maine Conservation Corps alumni and a licensed Maine Solar Installer.

Today we’re lucky to have Dennis’ positive attitude and strong work ethic as a core part of our Liberty-based installation crew. Dennis has worked on hundreds of solar projects in the Midcoast Maine area, from residential retrofit solar hot water installations to big photovoltaic projects.

A true believer in solar, Dennis lives in an off grid cabin he built in Searsmont with girlfriend Becky. Dennis enjoys fishing of all types, gardening, hiking, music, disc golf, boating, antiquing, skiing, playing the banjo and guitar, New England history, and bringing worn out trucks back to life.

Jared Palmer

Solar Installer

Jared, Solar Installer - Liberty, ME
Jared Palmer enjoying a hike in the Maine woods

For Jared, off grid is a way of life! After growing up in an off grid log cabin in Thorndike, Maine (with solar installed by ReVision Energy’s predecessor, The Green Store), he now lives in another off grid log cabin he helped build in his teens. His home today is heated by wood, powered entirely by PV and features a recently installed solar hot water system.

Along the way he’s earned a BA in English from the University of Maine, Orono, worked in web based graphic design and was a heavy diesel mechanic for three years.

Since joining ReVision in 2010, Jared has become a key part of our Liberty branch’s solar installation team. When not installing solar panels, he likes to hike, camp, ski, whitewater kayak, restore antique vehicles and generally spend his time on various in home improvement projects.

Holly McFaul

Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Holly McFaul ReVision EnergyHolly McFaul with daughter Maggie at husband Andy’s retirement party.

Holly spent most of her professional life in the DC area, working financial positions (Budget Analyst and Program Analyst) for the federal government. In 2006, enough was enough, and Holly and her husband Andy traded in their suits and ties for blue jeans and flip flops and have never been happier.

Since joining ReVision in 2007, Holly keeps the wheels of ReVision turning in the “Treehouse” of our Liberty office – keeping books, managing accounts, paying bills, etc. She loves living the good life in Belfast, Maine – a pristine environment, fresh air, ocean breezes, relaxed pace, and most of all a lack of traffic. She adds, “I wish I would have moved to Maine thirty years ago!”

She spends her free time with her daughter Maggie (aka Pip) at radio station WERU-FM where they are programmers/DJs. Holly also enjoys simple pleasures including visits to the beach, snorkeling, fishing, quilting, camping, and a wide variety of music. She hopes to someday build a small efficient home with solar thermal and PV… installed by ReVision Energy, of course!

Rob Ellis

Solar Energy System Design Specialist

Rob Ellis, Solar Energy System Design SpecialistRob Ellis grew up in Lewiston, Maine and graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2009 with a degree in Political Science. After college, Rob worked as an Americorp VISTA in Portland, Maine helping low income homeowners winterize their homes. He was part of a statewide volunteer effort to educate and reinforce energy conservation steps that addressed basic air sealing and insulation, helping Mainers lower energy bills and improve comfort. Rob’s involvement in weatherization efforts quickly progressed to energy auditing, and he attained a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification. Rob is also an Efficiency Maine certified energy advisor.

Rob joined the ReVision team in 2013 to help homeowners in the Midcoast and Central Maine region understand the potential of solar energy and the options available for their homes. We’re thrilled to have Rob join our crew of solar professionals leading the growth of solar energy in the region.

In 2011, Rob successfully thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail starting in Georgia and walking home to Maine. The hike was a great experience filled with physical hardship, personal achievement and dozens of new friends. In addition to hiking, camping, biking, and skiing, he is a big fan of public and community media and addict to NPR’s “Planet Money.” He looks forward to purchasing his own home soon so he can put solar on it!

Jerod Elder

Jerod Elder - Solar Installer, Liberty, ME

Jerod Elder and son Franklyn

Operations Manager – Liberty, ME

Jerod was born and raised in south-central Ohio, where the glacial plain meets the edge of Appalachia. He worked for the family roofing business off and on since his youth, served six years in the Air National Guard working as an avionics specialist, and graduated from Ohio University. He worked for two years installing solar in New Jersey before his wife, Julie, introduced him to the great state of Maine. In 2012 they moved up here and shortly after their son, Franklyn, was born.

Since joining our Liberty-based solar installation team in April, 2013, Jerod has become an integral part of our crew, putting to work his construction management and solar experience.  He currently oversees both the solar PV and solar SHW operations managed out of our Liberty, ME location.

Outside of work, he enjoys kayaking, fishing and hiking with the family, and hopes to get back into playing music, racing motocross and flying.

Alex Strugatskiy

Solar Installer

Alex Strugatskiy - Solar Installer with ReVision Energy

Alex out sledding with his two boys!

While his passion for backpacking, mountaineering and rock climbing originally brought Alex out west, he is quite happy to be settled in Maine now and working (in his words, not ours!) his dream job with ReVision Energy.

Alex’s professional experience includes work as a geologist, teaching assistant, and outdoor instructor for Outward Bound. He and his wife, Cathy, moved to Maine in 2009 and he joined us earlier this year as an installer on Liberty’s solar photovoltaic and air source heat pump teams. He cites ReVision’s attention to employees, excellence, and values as top reasons why working here is a dream come true.

In addition to loving solar and everything about the outdoors, Alex has fallen in love with farming and raises chickens for eggs and meat, as well as hogs. He and Cathy have two boys, and another child on the way.

James Manzer

James Manzer - Solar Advisor, Liberty, ME

James Manzer hiking in Mount Rainier National Park, Oregon

Hired in November of 2014, James has joined the ReVision team in Liberty as a solar advisor, working with home and business owners to facilitate quotes and on-site consultations throughout midcoast, central and down east Maine.

James’ original career path was in eco-tourism, where he brought his passion for sustainability to hotels, resorts, and building projects. He oversaw a number of energy efficiency upgrade projects and renewable energy projects at a number of medium to large residential and commercial properties. After traveling and working in places like the Florida Keys, Lake Tahoe and even Sydney, Australia, James went back to school in Vermont and received his MBA in Sustainable Business and participated in an Energy Efficiency job training program in Flagstaff, AZ. There James went to work with a premier energy efficiency company, completing 500 energy audits and overseeing $500,000 of energy efficiency projects.

A resident of Embden, James and his wife can often be found outdoors, swimming, biking, kayaking, or hitting tennis balls out for their five year old Border Collie, Lemon, to chase. During these colder winter months, James can be found on his skis atop Sugarloaf Mountain. He and his wife are currently upgrading an uninsulated summer camp into a highly efficient solar powered year round residence.

ReVision's Exeter, NH Branch

Dan Clapp

Branch Manager, NABCEP™ – PV Technical Sales

Dan Clapp Solar Branch Manager Exeter NH

Dan Clapp with daughter Larkyn skiing in the New Hampshire woods.

A native of Randolph, Massachusetts, Dan Clapp grew up spending weekends in New Hampshire at his family’s lake house in Wakefield (built from the ground up with his parents, brothers and other extended family) and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation.

Dan’s love of travel and the outdoors have brought him on a number of interesting adventures, including a Semester at Sea, where he circumnavigated the globe and explored multiple countries, and many years skiing and hiking in the Sierras while living in San Francisco and South Lake Tahoe, California.

Reeled back east by family and the beauty of the New Hampshire seacoast, Dan opened the New Hampshire branch office in 2010. Dan is an experienced solar installer and holds a NABCEP PV Technical sales certification. He’s also licensed both as a BPI Building Analyst and a Construction Supervisor.

Dan lives in Madbury with his wife Sarah Serling, their daughters Larkyn and Hadley, and Rhodesian Ridgeback Bella. He uses a combination of wood heat, a 4.94 kw GTPV array, and a heat pump water heater to cover 90% of his home’s annual energy needs. He enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and skiing.


Dan Clapp’s Renewable Energy System

Dan Clapp Solar Electric SystemDan Clapp’s family home in Wakefield, New Hampshire sports a 4.94 kw photovoltaic array powering a ground source heat pump for heating/cooling.

Heather Fournier

Office Manager and Marketing Assistant

Heather FournierHeather Fournier enjoying a ride with Sky Dive New England!

ReVision Energy is pleased to welcome aboard Heather Fournier, who joins us after a rich project management background earned as Installed Sales Manager at Lowe’s, and a grounding in renewable energy and sustainable design from her work at NHTI and Northeastern University.

At our growing Exeter, NH branch, Heather is responsible for keeping operations moving – arranging permits, scheduling jobs, managing contracts, etc. She’s also hard at work attending and setting up events on behalf of ReVision throughout the Granite State. Expect to see us at home shows, sustainability fairs, industry group meetings and other events in the months and years ahead.

A proud mother, Heather loves spending time at the beach, hiking, and even skydiving (a great way to soak up some sunshine).


  • Email: heather@revisionenergy.com

Matt Boucher

Master Plumber and Solar Hot Water Installer

Matt Boucher, Solar Hot Water Installer and PlumberMatt Boucher reveling in a day of snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in central Oregon

A native of Manchester, NH, Matt Boucher is our New Hampshire shop’s Master Plumber and a core part of our solar hot water crew.

His interest in the environment goes deep – from his days at Manchester West High and through his college studies at Unity College, UNH – Manchester and NHTI. He got into the plumbing trade through studies with the Manchester School of Technology MST and recently earned his New Hampshire Master Plumber’s license.

When not soldering in a solar hot water tank, Matt enjoys live music, fishing (both fresh and saltwater), snowboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, and climbing. He lives in Manchester with his girlfriend Heather.

Alex Greenhalgh

Solar Thermal Installer

Alex Greenhalgh - Solar Installer

Alex – the solar thermal guy – helping out the PV team running wire and rail!

Originally from the Bangor, Maine area, Alex moved down to New Hampshire to join our growing solar hot water installation team. He brings with him several years of trades experience, including carpentry and commercial painting work for sites such as Jackson Laboratory and College of the Atlantic.

Today Alex is a project manager on our NH-based solar thermal crew, leading a large part of the roof work on most jobs.  He is also the leader on our heat pump installation crew, working to commission and service these high-efficiency heating systems.  In between work obligations he is pursuing his New Hampshire plumbing license.

When not installing solar panels, Alex loves fishing, carpentry, and figuring out how things work. He hopes to buy a home in New Hampshire soon and add some solar!

Bill Levay

Master Electrician

Bill Levay Electrician Exeter NHBill Levay in front of a solar electric inverter at Durham Boat.

Bill carries over 10 years of electrical experience, and 6 years experience as a Master Electrician. He holds his Master Electrician license in PA, NH, CT, and ME. Bill graduated with an Associates Degree in Electrical Construction from KVCC (2006), and a BA in Business from the University of Maine at Farmington (2010).

Prior to joining ReVision Energy in 2010, Bill worked for Vox Energy Solutions in PA installing solar systems. He works today on our photovoltaic installation team based in Exeter, NH.

Outside of his work in solar, Bill spends summers on his bikes – both motorized and mountain – and snowboards in the winter. He’s also looking to purchase his first home somewhere in New Hampshire, and install his own solar system!

Chris Marves

Solar PV Project Manager

Chris Marves, Solar Installer - Exeter, NHChris Marves poses in front of a Sunpower White panel at our Exeter, NH office.

Chris Marves has been hooked on solar since he lead an independent study on thin film solar design while at UMass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. After graduating in 2010 with a degree in Resource Economics, Chris joined ReVision Energy as an intern, and has sinced moved up to a full-time position on our NH-based solar installation crew.

Now living in Exeter, New Hampshire, Chris has been a mainstay of our solar hot water team as well as helping with our NH branch’s marketing, office, and site visit work. As our solar electric business grows in New Hampshire, he’s eager to get to work on a photovoltaic installation crew and hopes to move into a project manager role. He is working towards his NABCEP PV certification and is a NH Electrician’s Apprentice.

In his free time, he loves kayaking, camping, hiking, snowboarding, or sports, depending on the season, and spending time with his girlfriend, friends, and family.

Chris Lee

Solar Installer

Chris Lee, Solar Installer Exeter NHChris Lee joins our Exeter-based solar installation team with 4 years of solar power installation experience, both the entry level and national NABCEP PV installation certifications, and a commitment to all things solar energy.

Like all of us, he has a big love for being outdoors and wears his ethics on his sleeve: he commutes to and from work by bicycle, and has either walked or biked to work for the last 4+ years. He and his wife Beth are vegans who practice a sustainable diet, and are living in an apartment with geothermal heating and cooling as they look to buy a home.

Chris’ upbeat attitude and professionalism is a warmly welcomed presence on our solar installation crew, as they work on commercial, residential, and municipal installations throughout New Hampshire and Northern Massachussetts.

Chris Pamboukes

Solar Installer

Chris Pamboukes, Solar Installer Exeter NHChris Pamboukes was brought up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a vibrant community with which beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, and the ocean lie near in every direction. Having grown attached to an area that balances the sundries of an active town/nature dynamic, it was no difficult task to choose Burlington, Vermont as his next destination for school, community, and the outdoors.

While Chris studied Media Communications at Champlain College in Burlington he also pursued his interests in outdoor recreation. Cycling, swimming, ultimate Frisbee, snowboarding, BBQs and more became commonplace within Burlington’s active landscape. As a post graduate he also found his way into social work at a youth outreach center which catered to at-risk teenagers.

After so many years in Burlington Chris still maintained an eager sense to travel and seek more adventure. In between various bouts as a waiter Chris put off finding a career to do a solo cycling trip from Portsmouth to New York City, a four month backpacking trip in Europe, and a summer as a white water rafting guide on the American River in California.

After much freedom and reflection, Chris has found a home at ReVision Energy that satisfies many of his personal goals. As a PV Solar Installer he is able to balance his ability to see new places, do physical work outdoors, learn a variety of valuable trade skills, and most importantly, to be on a team that so greatly values the importance of protecting our environment and planning a sustainable future.

James Hasselbeck

Operations Manager

James Hasselbeck Solar Exeter NH
James Hasselbeck on a Wyoming ski trip

Joining ReVision Energy’s Exeter office in 2013 is James Hasselbeck, an Aussie native who’s been living in New England since 1987.

The University of Vermont grad (double major Sociology and English) cut his teeth writing for B2B magazines, starting the “Energy Today” national publication, and writing about renewable energy for AltEStore and other outlets. After writing about solar for so long, James decided to get in the business end of solar, starting with Waterline Alternative Energies in 2008 as a solar designer and project manager.

With Waterline, James developed numerous solar projects throughout the region including a 600+kw installation in 2012; he project-managed the largest PV install in NH (at the time) for the city of North Conway. He holds a NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.

Outside of solar James loves to play, be that skiing (former sponsored freestyle skier), sailing (small 14′ Apollo), hiking or the joys of home vegetable gardening. He and his wife Stephanie live with their daughter Hayden Elizabeth in a post and beam passive solar home in Kingston, NH. He heats with wood pellets and a woodstove with locally harvested wood, and recently installed a solar photovoltaic array, making his home near net-zero.

James’s Renewable Energy System

James Hasselbeck SolarJames recently installed a 5.2 kW solar electric array with several different module manufactures to see how they stack up against each other.  This unique set-up uses Enphase module-level data monitoring, so that each panel’s performance can be compared against a similar module (same rated output but different brands).  Beyond being a fun experiment, the system will generate 110% of his household’s electricity, helping them achieve net zero consumption.

Nick Bristol

Solar Hot Water Division Manager, Exeter, NH

Nick Bristol, Solar Hot Water Division Manager, Exeter, NH
Nick Bristol leading a rafting trip in Utah

New Hampshire native Nick Bristol grew up working in the trades, before he headed to Unity College where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Adventure Education.

His outdoor adventure career took him throughout the wilds of Maine as he guided rock climbing, whitewater canoeing and whitewater rafting trips. He moved on to spend four years based in Utah, spending summers guiding multi-day whitewater rafting trips on the Colorado Plateau, and his winters driving snow cat at Solitude Ski Resort in Salt Lake City.

He returned to New England in a 1985 F250 powered by veggie oil (never needed to refuel once!) and joined ReVision’s team in 2011. He has advanced to the role of solar hot water division manager, where he organizes our solar hot water crews, coordinates installations, and fills in as needed on the roof or in the basement.

Nick now lives in his hometown of Londonderry, NH with his girlfriend and her two daughters. Having seen the world and now doing his part to save it, Nick goes to work each morning loving life.

Nate Legere

Nate Nov 7, 2013 bike race

Purchasing Manager, Exeter, NH

A native of New Hampshire, Nathan Legere graduated from Plymouth State University with the hope of becoming involved in the alternative energy industry. Prior to joining ReVision, he was a snowmaker at Loon Mountain and a driver at a dairy home delivery business – two industries that he learned take a lot of carbon! Since joining ReVision in mid-June 2013, Nate is happy to be working to reduce his personal carbon footprint and that of homes and businesses in the region.

Nate currently is the purchasing manager in our Exeter branch, where he acquires the equipment for our solar installations, tracks spending, maintains fleet vehicles, as well as attending to all the various minor things required to make solar happen. Nate’s work allows our installation crews to be more efficient at their jobs, getting out the door more quickly in the morning and organized again after the end of a long day of work installing solar. Nate has also been known to come on-site to help out the installation crew when we’re at our busiest.

In his free time, Nate gets outside, mountain biking, sailing or snowboarding as seasons allow. While always looking for new adventures, Nate is excited to see where his career with Revision is going to take him.

Jonathan Gregory

Jonathan-Gregory - Profile-Pic

Solar Design Specialist, NABCEP™ – PV Technical Sales

A native of Stow, MA, Jonathan joins us from years in the Entreprenuerial field. Based in Concord, NH, Jonathan has been developing eco-friendly businesses, non-profits, and interest groups since graduating from UNH’s Whittemore School of Business in 2007. Jonathan has been deeply involved with environmental action groups such as 350.org, were he acted as the state field organizer to help facilitate the development of the 350 NH Chapter. He has deep roots promoting renewable energy and local economies, and was a founding member of Green Concord and worked on the business plan for Bona Fide Green Goods while in college. Jonathan will lend his talents towards helping businesses and homeowners go solar in the northern part of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Outside of work, Jonathon enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking around New England and working on improvements to his 1850′s home and barn.

Jason Tuttle

Jason Tuttle

Solar Design and Sales Representative, Exeter, NH

Jason Tuttle grew up on his family’s farm in South Berwick and has since traveled the world seeking surf and fantastic foods (Barcelona – great Paella! – and Okinawa – great Sushi and Soba soup!).

A trained civil engineer with a degree from the University of Maine, he’s worked in sales for a large engineered lumber company and also on the family farm, but ultimately decided his future lay in helping people use solar energy to power their homes. He works now helping homeowners and businesses throughout New Hampshire evaluate their solar opportunities and guide them through the options available.

A surfer, biker, and foodie, Jason plans to solarize his home in Portsmouth this summer.

Cal Truman

Solar Installer, Exeter, NH

Cal Truman - Solar Installer Exeter NH

Cal enjoys the sunshine while strapped into a roof at a solar installation in New Hampshire

Cal is a solar installer and apprentice electrician, joining us in 2014 after having studied solar technology at Solar Energy International in Colorado. She holds a BA from Oberlin College that she earned in 2007. You’ll find her working hard on our solar PV crew throughout New Hampshire and the north shore of Massachusetts.

A native Mainer, Cal loves to travel and has lived many place – but – like most of us, there’s nowhere like home and she loves that she can work every day to help protect New England’s pristine environment and way of life by installing clean energy systems. Outside of her work in solar, she volunteers time as an activist, plays music, and runs around outside.

Craig Cadieux

Solar Design Specialist, Exeter, NH

Craig Cadieux - Solar Design Specialist

Craig Cadieux and wife Heather standing next to their Chevy S-10 converted to run 100% on electricity.

Craig joined ReVision in 2014 after working with Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) for more than 5 years as their Energy Solutions Advisor providing their members with sound advice on ways to reduce energy consumption and produce their own. Prior to this position Craig had a successful career in Facilities Management. He’s a certified NABCEP Solar Thermal Installer, NABCEP PV Certificate Knowledge, BPI – Building Analysis.

Craig lives in the Newfound Lake watershed area with his wife Heather, male Golden Retriever “Aime”, two cats and an ever fluctuating number of chickens. He spends his free time building things, romping aound or hanging out in the woods, bass fishing, and converting his property to be more in line with permacultural practices. He also volunteers with Pemi Valley Habitat for Humanity designing and building homes that exceed Energy Star Standards.

About Craig’s Home

Craig is constantly working on ways to make his 1970’s home more energy efficient. He has a wood pellet boiler that was installed in 2005, solar hot water, and a 8.25 kW PV system. He hopes to add a (solar powered!) Air Source Heat Pump to be installed in the near future.

He also drives a converted Chevy S-10 to run on 100% electric power, with a license plate that reads, naturally, NO4NOIL.

Steve Dzubak

PV Project Manager

A native of rural Pennsylvania, Steve earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State University and a Law Degree from Western New England University in Springfield.  During that time, he also volunteered with Americorps for two years.  He practiced as a public defender in Springfield, Massachusetts before moving into renewable energy, working with another another solar installation company for a little under a year previous to joining ReVision in July 2014.

Steve is a NH’s Electrician’s Apprentice and brings his skills to our fast-paced, professional, and safety-conscious photovoltaic installation team.  You may see him on the roof of a home, business, or school near you!

Outside of work, Steve is passionate about solar and sustainable living.   He enjoys spending time with his wife and dog in the outdoors, including hiking, both mountain biking and road cycling, kayaking, and skiing.  He lives in Concord, NH and looks forward to buying a home and putting solar on it.<

Jamie Ryan

Solar Design Specialist

Jamie Ryan - Solar Design SpecialistMass native Jamie Ryan joins ReVision Energy’s rapidly growing New Hampshire office to take on the role of solar design specialist, advising homeowners about solar opportunities at their homes and designing systems that maximizing the value of a solar investment.

Jamie went to school at UMass Amherst for Natural Resource Conservation and Building Technologies.  He became interested in a career in solar during his junior year of college, preferring the simplicity and abundance of solar energy compared to other alternatives, such as wind, which require very specific siting requirements to be effective.  After college, he worked as an energy auditor for Mass Save before joining national solar company SolarCity as a site surveyor, before joining ReVision Energy in early 2015.

His love for the environment runs deep, starting with his childhood in Groveland, MA where we had a swamp and wetland to explore.  Today, he enjoys a range of outdoor activities including snowboarding, fishing, scuba diving, and biking.  When he must go indoors, he plays drums in the band “Change Up”!

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Norway, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

From the moment my system began producing power I felt paid back. I have taken a step to lessen Maine's fossil fuel consumption. For me, the final decision was easy, and I have never looked back.

Thank you to all the folks at Revision Energy for working toward saving the planet one solar panel at a time!

Nancy Hohmann
Norway, Maine

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