Commercial Solar Power

Video: Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear of Coffee by Design in Portland, Maine, talk about what a solar investment means for their retail and wholesale coffee business.

A grid-tied solar electric array offers your business the opportunity to:

  1. Lock in a below-utility electric rate for decades
  2. Take advantage of federal and state incentive programs
  3. Showcase a concrete commitment to reducing CO² emissions to your customers

With no moving parts anywhere in the entire system, grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems are the most reliable renewable energy technology available. This is why PV manufacturers warranty their panels for 25 years, while the expected lifespan of PV panels is closer to 50 years.

As fossil fuel costs continue to rise, solar energy investments become financially advantageous.

State and Federal Rebates and Incentives

Numerous state and federal rebates are available to help you make a solar energy project happen. For example:

  • A federal investment tax credit worth 30% of the cost of the system
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits that can reduce your tax liability by as much as 34% of the system cost
  • State rebates up to $50,000 in New Hampshire
  • See our full listing of state and federal solar rebates and incentives.

    Aikido of Maine Solar - Portland, ME

    Aikido of Maine dojo owner Gary Small stands next to his solar panels, which overlook Back Bay, Portland, Maine

    Purchasing Options

    Businesses may purchase a solar electric system for cash and take advantage of federal tax credits and depreciation allowance. Alternatively, the company may either finance the installed system or utilize a lease purchase arrangement.

    Financing Options

    ReVision Energy can help arrange financing for customers, either as a project debt or with a lease/purchase arrangement. Creative financing may enable a business to avoid using funds from its capital budget to purchase the solar system. Profitable businesses may also use financing to monetize their tax credits and apply the energy savings and earnings from energy certificate sales to offset the loan payments.

    The Value of Green Marketing

    A solar system represents a strong commitment to sustainability and most of our commercial clients want to share this with their customers. And their customers respond - with nearly all reporting increases in business thanks to their green marketing endeavors.

    Here are a few examples:

    Maple Hill Farm and Conference Center

    Maple Hill Farm Solar - PV and Solar Hot Water for Conference Center

    The Maple Hill Farm and Conference Center uses a combined solar hot water and solar electric system to reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than 40,000 pounds.

    Owner Scott Cowger estimates that 20 percent of his customers choose Maple Hill Farm because of the inn's green practices. Maple Hill Farm received Maine's first "Environmental Leader" Green Lodging Inn Certification in 2005.

    View the Maple Hill Farm eco friendly features page or view real-time system output online.

    Beachmere Inn - Ogunquit, Maine

    The Beachmere Inn - Ogunquit, Maine

    The Beachmere Inn in Ogunquit, Maine proudly flaunts their green iniatives, which include solar hot water for over 32 rooms, a 5kw solar electric array, energy efficiency improvements, and water saving measures.

    Their efforts earned them an Environmental Leader in Hospitality certification.

    View their green initatives page.

    NEWAIM Fiber Mill - Waldoboro, Maine

    NEWAIM Fiber Mill - Waldoboro, Maine

    After making several weatherization improvements to their building, the owners of NEWAIM Fiber Mill in Waldoboro, Maine, focused on reducing fossil fuels used for hot water heating. The result was a 90 tube solar hot water system that acts to preheat the water that enters their propane fired water heater.

    NEWAIM now advertises their fiber mill as being "solar powered" with lots of information on their solar hot water system available on their website.

    Scratch Bakery - South Portland, Maine

    Scratch Baking Company - South Portland, Maine
    Scratch Bakery is a prominent fixture in their neighborhood of South Portland, occupying Willard Square. They see their solar hot water system as a statement to the community.

    The system has reduced propane usage at the bakery by 25%.

    Engaging ReVision Energy

    If you're ready to start talking about solar for your business, please contact us for a free, professional, and in-depth consultation about your energy use and viable of solar for your location.

    We also frequently bid on projects and are engaged by engineers and architects as a sub-contractor or designer on renewable energy systems.

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Rupununi Restaurant - Bar Harbor

Our oil bill has been dramatically reduced since we put in the system.

With these solar panels, the savings have been obvious.

Michael Boland, Owner
Rupununi's Restaurant

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