Commercial Solar Hot Water

Video: Gritty McDuff's Marketing Director Tom Wilson speaks about the solar investment atop their brewpub in Freeport, Maine.

If your business uses hot water, you can experience immediate and dramatic savings by installing a solar hot water system.

ReVision has installed hundreds of commercial solar hot water systems in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Our clients include:

  • Hotels, motels, and inns
  • Breweries
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement/assisted living communities
  • Farms
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Laundromats

Solar hot water systems capture the energy of the sun and uses it to heat your water - the heated water is then pumped into your existing plumbing systems and your usage of fossil fuel energy sources (oil, gas, or electric) is reduced.

State and Federal Rebates and Incentives

Solar Hot Water State & Federal RebatesNumerous state and federal rebates are available to help you make a solar energy project happen. For example:

  • A federal investment tax credit worth 30% of the cost of the system
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits that can reduce your tax liability by as much as 34% of the system cost
  • State rebates up to $50,000 in New Hampshire
  • See our full listing of state and federal solar rebates and incentives.

    Solar Hot Water System Design

    While the concept of capturing solar heat energy is simple, there are a number of aspects of design that are critical to building a reliable, effective system that will last 20-30 years in New England's challenging climate.

    Solar hot water collectors are typically mounted on a south-facing roof section, but we also have plenty of experience ground-mounting systems when the roof is not a viable option. Major system components include the collectors, a purpose-built solar storage tank, copper piping, pump and electronic controls.

    How it Works

    53 Danforth - Maine State Housing

    ReVision's crew installs a flat-plate solar hot water collector at 53 Danforth Street, a project for the Maine State Housing Authority.

    Whenever sunshine makes the solar hot water collectors hotter than the water in the bottom of the solar storage tank, a differential temperature sensor automatically activates the solar pump affixed to the tank.

    Sun-heated antifreeze is pumped from the collectors and circulated through a heat exchange coil located in the bottom of the storage tank, transferring the heat from the sun to your domestic hot water supply.

    We design automatic backup into all solar domestic hot water systems so that when the sun cannot heat your water fully, you don't have to worry about cold water in your building. Options include pre-heating an on-demand gas unit, pre-heating existing water heaters, or having two-coil solar storage tanks which are supplemented by a gas or oil boiler.

    Here is an example of a complex system that integrates solar with an existing gas water heater:

    commercial solar hot water system schematic

    Types of Solar Hot Water Collectors

    There are two major designs of solar hot water collectors - evacuated tube collectors and flat plate collectors. Each has pros and cons, and part of the design process is determining which collector best meets your situation.

    Black Dinah Chocolatiers - Isle Au Haut, Maine

    The 90 evacuated tube solar hot water collectors on Black Dinah Chocolatiers' new commercial kitchen in Isle Au Haut, Maine will drastically reduce their need for propane water heating.

    Evacuated Tube Collectors

    We use Apricus evacuated tube collectors for most solar domestic hot water systems. Apricus collectors boast a vacuum tube design which provides superior insulation to flat plate collectors, which prevents system heat losses during cold weather.

    In addition to better cool weather performance, evacuated tube collectors can handle higher water temperatures, which makes them usable for process water heating.

    Sunset Hill House Country Inn Solar - Sugar Hill, NH

    The 15 flat plate solar hot water collectors on Sunset Hill House will pay for themselves in under 5 five years by offsetting heating oil previously use for heating water.

    Flat Plate Solar Hot Water Collectors

    We also use German-made Wagner flat plate solar hot water collectors because of their superior summertime performance. Flate plates are also slightly less expensive.

    Their improved summer performance makes flat plate solar hot water collectors a good choice for inns, hotels, restaurants and other businesses with high summer-season demand.

    Both types of collectors will last 20+ winters in Maine or New Hampshire and come with ReVision's 24/7 emergency service guarantee.

    Engaging ReVision Energy

    If you're ready to start talking about solar for your business, please contact us for a free, professional, and in-depth consultation about your energy use and viable of solar for your location.

    We also frequently bid on projects and are engaged by engineers and architects as a sub-contractor or designer on renewable energy systems.

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NEWAIM Fiber Mill - Waldoboro, Maine

My monthly propane payment dropped by more than half thanks to our solar hot water system.

In the summer we are able to heat nearly all of our water using the sun!

Nancy Williams
NEWAIM Fiber Mill

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