Municipal and Nonprofit Solar Financing through CEI

Coastal Enterprises Inc Solar Loans ReVision Energy has partnered with CEI (Coastal Enterprises Inc.) to finance nonprofit and municipal solar projects through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program.

Municipal, educational and non-profit entities are ineligible for Federal tax incentives which are spurring development of solar energy projects nationwide. With the ReVision Solar PPA, non-profit organizations can overcome that barrier and immediately reap the rewards of clean, renewable solar electric power. Our Solar PPA offers competitive energy pricing and green benefits without the upfront expense or on-going maintenance cost of owning or leasing a solar facility.

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Thomas College - Waterville, Maine Solar Power

Lending support by CEI has made nonprofit PPA structured projects - such as this 11kw system for Thomas College - possible.

CEI is an expert in rural business development and financing. A private, nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) based in Wiscasset, Maine, CEI was founded in 1977 to develop job-creating natural resources and small business ventures in rural regions of Maine, and has grown to serve all of Maine, its primary market, and areas of northern New England and upstate New York. With its New Markets Tax Credit Program, CEI is able to invest in projects throughout rural America.

CEI is a leader in green lending within Maine, with loan funds for small, start-up businesses or established companies working in the renewable energy or environmental products and services fields. CEI believes firms in this sector have great promise in meeting the triple bottom line, producing economic, employment and ecological outcomes. Through them, Maine has the opportunity to stabilize energy supply and costs, reduce waste and shrink carbon emissions. CEI has taken the time to learn about emerging technologies and are committed to seeing them established in Maine, backed by sound business planning and financing. CEI works regularly with Efficiency Maine and the Office of Energy Independence and Security on energy audit, incentive and subsidy opportunities helpful to Maine businesses. Businesses interested in learning more about potential CEI financing for this or other capital needs should visit CEI online at:

It is based on this commitment to green lending that CEI is pleased to support ReVision Energy in financing solar PPA projects for nonprofits and municipalities. The result of this partnership is a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the region.

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Norway, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

From the moment my system began producing power I felt paid back. I have taken a step to lessen Maine's fossil fuel consumption. For me, the final decision was easy, and I have never looked back.

Thank you to all the folks at Revision Energy for working toward saving the planet one solar panel at a time!

Nancy Hohmann
Norway, Maine

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