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ReVision Energy is a full service renewable energy contracting company that provides a full range of engineering, design, installation and equipment service for homes, businesses, municipal buildings and nonprofits.

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Our Vision

We are trusted as the industry leader in solar design, installation and service in northern New England. We achieve our vision by maintaining the highest standards of technical accomplishment and customer satisfaction. Fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the region are shrinking as a result of our installations.

Our Mission

To help people and businesses transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable solar energy. To be a profitable, sustainable business through installation of the highest quality systems. To embody principles of fairness and equity in all of our relationships.

Core Values

  1. Exceptional customer service, without compromise
  2. Respect for people and the environment in everything we do
  3. Mindful of our responsibility for present and future generations
  4. Technical excellence to maximize the efficiency, longevity and affordability of our systems
  5. Foster personal and professional growth in our workplaces with a cohesive, team-oriented atmosphere

Company History

  • 2003 - Bill Behrens and Patrick Coon founded Energyworks LLC by merging their businesses (the renewable division of the Greenstore in Belfast and Energy Options in Liberty).
  • 2005 - Fortunat Mueller and Phil Coupe independently contact Energyworks to talk about bringing a renewable energy company to Portland.
  • 2006 - Fortunat and Phil reach agreement with Bill and Pat to launch Portland branch with Energyworks' name.
  • 2008 - Liberty and Portland branches of Energyworks merge to become ReVision Energy.
  • 2009 - ReVision Heat is spun off as a new company to help people move away from fossil-fuel based home heating.
  • 2010 - ReVision Energy reaches 2,500 installed systems in Maine and New Hampshire; opens new branch in Exeter, New Hampshire.
  • 2011 - Exeter branch grows 9 full-time staff, over 3MW of solar PV installed to date.
  • 2012 - Over 3,000 systems installed; ReVision opens 1st solar powered EV car charging station in Maine.
  • 2013 - ReVision celebrates 10 year anniversary; over 60 full-time staff members. Exeter branch wins Chamber of Commerce "Best Business" award for Construction category
  • 2014 - Over 7MW installed, win #25 of 100 Top Solar Rooftop Installer by Solar Power World, successfully earn vendor for Solarize Kearsarge program
North Yarmouth, Maine - Solar Hot Water

A flat plate solar hot water installation in North Yarmouth, Maine. A system like this will dramatically reduce the oil used for domestic hot water in a household, resulting in a savings of 100-300 gallons of oil annually.

About Our People

ReVision Energy is fortunate to have an outstanding team of committed people creating success at our three locations - Liberty and Portland, Maine, and in Exeter, New Hampshire. Our frequent collaboration between offices ensures the highest level of technical expertise to be found in the Northeast.

Learn more about our professional and exceedingly qualified team.

Politics and Policy

ReVision Energy is a private, for-profit business that competes in the competitive market of renewable energy. The rapid growth of solar energy is largely due to dropping installed costs of equipment, rising rates of conventional energy sources and increasing concern about the harmful impacts of carbon pollution. Solar energy offers a cost-effective investment with secure economic and environmental returns.

We are a company driven by a mission to reduce fossil fuel use in Northern New England. We are an equal opportunity employer and our staff includes people of many different faiths, backgrounds, and political viewpoints, and we encourage an open, civil environment for dialogue. Our company motto is "customer service without compromise" and we share a commitment to excellence in design, engineering, and installation so that our systems successfully reduce energy costs for our customers and offset the use of finite fossil fuels.

While we clearly have a stake in energy policy and argue our point of view to policy makers (and when appropriate help organize around policy action such as in the CMP rate case), we do not endorse political candidates. We do host occasional press events and numerous private events at our world-class solar showrooms. The following policy applies in regards to public events at our locations:

  • No campaign event for any candidate for any office is appropriate at ReVision Energy facilities.
  • Press conferences have and will be held at our facility when in association with an appropriate organization where the context of the event aligns with our mission as does the host (e.g. Environment Maine, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Sierra Club, etc). All press conferences are public events and no reporter will be removed from such an event.
  • Private events are frequently held at our facilities and we reserve the right to ask people to leave our premises at such private events. In general, our facilities are open to the public and we encourage people to come into our showroom, see solar energy equipment, and learn about the benefits of going solar.
  • Candidates and sitting members of political office have an open invitation to visit our facilities, please contact us using our online form to make a request.
Own Your Power Solar Loan Program
Newmarket, New Hampshire - Solar Power

I would recommend Revision Energy to anyone.

In fact, my wife's parents are having a PV system installed at their house!

Joe Persechino
Newmarket, New Hampshire

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